Customize with Freeboard Update

Customize Ok, I know that I already posted an article with a warning from BigBoss about enabling the Freeboard feature in the update to Customize. Well, I would like to add to BigBoss’s warning. After spending some time using Freeboard, I would also not recommend using it at this time. When you enable FreedBoard it resets any custom System settings. Due to this, it will reset (and disable/break) other applications like Kate, IntelliScreen, iPhoneHome (it deleted my custom Home button double-tap), Pysl…etc. I also noticed that it did not reset everything until I restarted my iPhone, then all my custom system settings were reset. In order to fix them, you have toggle Freeboard off, restart your iPhone, unistall the applications that got disabled, restart your iPhone again and then reinstall the applications. At least that is what I had to do to get mine working again. You can still have Customize installed just do not enable Freeboard. Let me know in the comments your experience with Freeboard.

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  1. dude I didn’t even update customize!

  2. I installed this and now my cydia is not working. Anyone else have this problem? I doubt that they are related though…

    • Dude cydia its not working ,I try to open customize and its just crash and goes to springboard ,and also Ican’t receive calls and I being trying to make some calls and only a few sucede , installer its working and all of this its happening on 2 iphones (me and my wife)

  3. Follow Big Boss’s advie and do not install this! I made the mistake of installing before I read his warning and thought I was going to have to re-pwn my phone. It was a small nightmare!!!

  4. I meant advice…not advie

  5. I haven’t had any problems. I enabled freeboard and five dock icons, rest my iphone, didn’t like the fifth dock icon, disabled freeboard and five dock icons, and nothing changed.

  6. I would not recommend updating!!! I did and now my phone app will not work on my iPhone. :( Ive gotta restore for the baggillionth time.

  7. it broke my intelliscreen, grrrr…….I just won’t enable freeboard……

  8. I enabled freeboard and got the five icon dock and everything is working just fine.

  9. When i installed Customize + Freeboard i enabled the Freeboard option and when i rebooted it stuck on the boot screen, i had to restore and jailbreak again using ziphone

  10. it mess up my intelliscreen too, I also recommend not installing freeboard. Good thing I didn’t have to restore.

  11. I didn’t install other apps such as intelliscreen, kate and stuff.. but after i update the customize with freeboard, when i run it, it couldn’t load.. Open it, it goes back to the main menu..

    So what i did was uninstall the customize, reset it (as in press the power button and the home button).. re-install and done.. :) i could use it back.. hehe but i disable the freeboard. lol

  12. Yes, ruined intelliscreen in mine too…had to uninstall customize and intelliscreen and install both again to make all waork again! Be careful!!

  13. Hi webmaster!

  14. I feel the same.

  15. I feel the same.