Zunda – SummerBoard Theme

Zunda is a SummerBoard theme available via the ModMyiFone source. I saw this theme in the Installer yesterday and thought I would check it out. It turned out to be pretty cool. It is bright, clean and seems to have a decent amount of icons.

Zunda Zunda

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  1. It is a rip of Agua by Louie!

  2. Ricardo Felix says

    Dude this is not a rip from that theme, this is my theme and i didnt ´´agua´´ existed, so Brooke, can you please put by Ricardo Felix please:) im glad you like it!
    please send me an email for ANY icon reequest.

  3. Cool theme, I like the idea of square icons and the boarder is very nice. but there is not enough icons for me to use this over my current theme.

    even apps i think are pretty common such as snapture, video recorder, and feeds. although, the icon for realartist is really cool, i’ve never seen that one in any other themes.

    • ooooh. just updated and there is a bunch more icons. (which is important since its the same background as Panther theme.)

      Just need snapture and VideoRecorder and my whole main page is square icons :)

  4. I LOVE these icons!! I saw a screen shot of this theme somewhere and went on a crazy wild goose chase to try and find it… Glad to see it’s finally in installer!

  5. I liked this theme, but i wasnt sure if it would be as full as the aqwoah or leaf themes.

    Also, not to be picky but I believe it has a “decent NUMBER of icons”.

  6. Ricardo Felix says

    Hey guys, just finished making 30 more icons, ill keep making more, it currently supports 450 icons right now.
    ill might update it tomorrow.

    • can u make appstore boss tool, boss prefs. aim, myspace, aol radio , ebay, south park imagionationland, super monkey ball,quake ,winterboard , picoli icons because the version of zunda i have dosent have them and i really like this theme email me when u do or if u do and please tell me how to get it or if i can get it off of cydia

  7. Itaintrite says

    Ricardo, just want to say that the theme looks fantastic. But then again, a lot of the apps I’ve installed have no icon so I’ll pass for now :)

    But in due time, I’d like to replace my current Buuf2 theme. Keep up the good work buddy.

  8. buuf2 is the only theme which has a VERY GOOD collection of icons. Which means that buuf2 is the only one I can use ;)

  9. Ricardo Felix says

    Hey guys, i updated my theme (1.2) it has more icons (lile 390) please update, and if ur missing an icon PLEASE post the name of the app and ill make it, and it will be there on the next release

  10. Can anyone help me with changing the icons on the status bar?
    for instance the logo for the carrier and displaying the battery as a number value? Please and thanks.