Customize with Freeboard

Customize A new version of Customize was released today via the ModMyiFone source. The update adds a feature called Freeboard. Freeboard is a SummerBoard “replacement.” However, before you use Freeboard please read the warning below.

via BigBoss.

Customize has released an update that has a SummerBoard replacement built in called “FreeBoard”. If you enable this feature, it will disable SummerBoard. At this point, you probably do *not* want to do this. And enabling FreeBoard could cause your phone to stop booting.

The iPhone has about an 80 app limit. This includes webclips. Once you hit this limit, your phone won’t boot. It just spins and reboots over and over again. SummerBoard patches this bug (bug by Apple, fix by SummerBoard). If you enable FreeBoard feature within Customize, you will lose SummerBoard’s fix. If you have more than 80 apps, you will not be able to boot.

If you are already in this situation and need to fix the problem without restoring, you can do so by using SSH/SCP or something like iPhoneBrowser to remove folders in /Applications until the phone boots. Then you can reinstall the apps you had to delete. Don’t remove anything critical. Easiest fix is to use winscp or such and make a temp folder called “Temp” in /Applications. Then just drag enough folders from /Applications into /Applications/Temp until the count is around 75. Then reboot the phone, disable freeboard, make sure SummerBoard is enabled, and move all the folders from /Applications/Temp back to just /Applications.

You can still use the SummerBoard feature in Customize with no problem…SummerBoard must be installed in order to do so.

Customize with Freeboard Customize with Freeboard Customize with Freeboard

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  1. Where can I download that “Summerboard FiX” please. I remember hearing about that before. Thanx

  2. Hi!!!! I enable “Freeboard” and everything works great!!!!, I dind’t had Summerboard installed, so maybe that was the starting point to the success of the update..!!!

  3. “If you are already in this situation and need to fix the problem without restoring, you can do so by using SSH/SCP or something like iPhoneBrowser to remove folders in /Applications until the phone boots.”

    How can you get to those folders if you cannot boot?

    • You can usually still get into your iPhone via SSH even when you are stuck on the spinning wheel of death screen or even the boot screen. I actually just restored my iPhone yesterday and I was able to SSH in and get my photos out of my Camera Roll and get my PackageSources.plist off Installer.

  4. I actually do not understand where the sence in havin Freeboard is…does it come along with any additional features or so?

    • The only option Freeboard has that is not in SummerBoard is the Five Icon Dock option…which is huge for me (though, I use Kate for my five icon dock). Personally, I like SummerBoard, I probably will not use Freeboard.

    • Thanks for the fast reply! I might check this out…having a 5-icon-dock sounds not too bad.

    • Just make sure you do not have more than 80 applications before you enable Freeboard.

  5. My personal experience is, if you have installed SMB and IntelliScreen, they can’t work together. when I installed this new customize (Freeboard OFF) IntelliScreen didn’t show up anymore; however I’ve tried to install IntelliScreen fix for this bug, nothing happend
    I hope they will fix this bug!!
    Anyway I had to restore in the morning[GMT+1] (stucked on the spinning wheel of death)
    So now no SMB no themes, obviously no Customize but IntelliScreen works fine!

    • I had the same problem, there is a real conflict between Customize (sumerboard) and Intelliscreen, but in my case the intelliscreen fix worked. When I did the update with the free board off, I started to present problems like not being able to change a lock screen wallpaper from a theme to one of my picture library (for example), also the SB is acting really weird ( I wasn’t able to disable the icon labels).
      By making all this tests I had to reboot several times, and by a miracle my phone didn’t get SWOD. Just my luck.

  6. does this new update fix the problem with v 1.1.4 that you cant have more the four icons on the dock?? are u able to put more icons on the dock now??

  7. Well, I tested Freeboard and it works as it is supposed to but there are two point I’m annoyed of:
    – you cannot only remove the labels from the dock-icons, like in SummerBoard. You have to remove either all labels or none.
    – the size of the dock-icons doesn’t change with adding a 5th icon to the dock, so it looks kinda squeezed. They should become smaller to make it look better.

  8. Does anyone know which file and what is patched to increase the application limit? I’d like to patch the file myself without installing SummerBoard. I uninstalled SummerBoard after I installed Kate and had the SWOD. I would up doing a restore before I finally figured out what the problem was.

  9. VERY disappointed says

    Very unhappy with the fact as soon as the new customize was installed with freeboard it broke Intelliscreen and Pysl. As well as corrupted my Springboard files including the plist. Very disappointed in Spicy here. He makes an amazing application don’t get me wrong but pushing an update like this that had the potential to break things shows inadequate testing. I am not sadly reluctant to install ANY of his products again.

  10. rimigoca says

    there´s a new update:

    IMPORTANT: Update to RC1.2

    Postby thespicychicken on Thu Jun 12, 2008 7:03 am
    I have just released an autoupdate that will allow you to have BOTH FreeBoard and SummerBoard running at the same time.

    Just clear your cache in Customize Preferences, then restart Customize. You should get a notice to install, and please do so!

    This should help alleviate a lot of issues, and also gives me the chance to test my new AutoUpdate utility called Glitter (

    Sorry for any trouble,

  11. ok.. Go into customize and clear the cache.. the respring.. then start customize again.. you will get an update notice.. this will allow summerboard and freeboard to run together.. l8 ;-)

  12. supposed to say ..THEN respring^^^ customize now auto-updated through itself..

  13. after i install freeboard my system sound dont work any more music play but no rington no system sound i could make call and people hear me but no rington

  14. I have installed the customize and tried to play with changing the wallpapers for the locked screen and springboard. However, I am not sure what I did but now I cannot even change the wallpaper anymore. Can somebody help me please??

  15. It’s not on Installer anymore! Can someone email me and tell me where it is?

  16. no more jailbreak... says

    i personally don’t like freeboard. i found it while browsing through the different apps in installer and decided to check it out. a pop up screen said to only uninstall if the 5 app dock was turned off. i never turned it on so i didn’t think twice about just uninstalling it. once i did, it wouldn’t boot up anymore and i had to restore. now comes the next problem…i don’t know if it’s related or not but now when i try to jailbreak 1.1.1 it does nothing. i click install appsnapp and it just takes me back to the home screen and doesn’t jailbreak or show the loading and patching, etc. can anybody help with this?

  17. I want to fix the rebooting problem whit ssh, but how can i get my iphone’s ip address when its rebooting,? Help please?

  18. With freeboard, my carrier would keep crashing and my phone calls quality were poor… Very bad. Crap.

  19. what is the actual source for Freeboard anyway???

  20. I can’t fix the lock screen wallpaper from the customize app. For some reason it set it as the original back up. I was told to use Mobile Finder and I tried that but it doesn’t work. When I open Mobile Finder and click on the tilda… ( the squiggley line ) then I go to library and scroll down to where I see the lockbackground.jpg. When I click file then delete nothing happens… I accidently made a copy of it too which I need to delete… I dont want to restore my ipod but if I cant fix it then I am going to .. PLease EMAIL ME WITH HELP ( make the subject customize )