MMiThemer 0.21Beta

MMiThemer MMiThemer 0.21Beta continues to try to work out some of the bugs in the application. The update does fix a few bugs which will hopefully get the app working for a few more of you. There are no visual changes to the application though I did notice that the themes installed using MMiThemer now show up in SummerBoard, Customize and Kate. MMiThemer is available through the ModMyiFone source.

MMiThemer 0.21Beta

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  1. i love this app. i have also noticed it being alot smoother

  2. ketanitem says

    It does work now! (0.19 didn’t work for me with my 1.1.4 f/w). Thanks, love this app!

  3. DA187SUSPECT says

    How come I don’t see it in the Installer? Does anyone else have this problem? I installed the 0.19BETA version and when I went to install a specific theme, my phone crashed.

  4. I have installed beta .21 and it worked for a minute now it just shows a white screen. I have uninstalled and uninstalled it several times and it still not working cansimebody anybody help me I really like this app and I want it to work again!

  5. I don’t know how to uninstall this app. Please, someone can help me.

  6. The app works for me but when I uninstalled a particular theme it doesn’t get erased from my summerboard list of themes.