Customize Working on 1.1.4

I tried to install Customize 1.21 from Installer today and it gave me a warning that it was only compatible with 1.1.1 – 1.1.3. I did a search on and found this article on how to install Customize on 1.1.4. Here is how I did it on a PC:

1. Download the modified version of Customize by Skylar – download here

2. Extract the zip file and copy the Customize folder into your Applications folder on your iPhone via SSH

3. Then run the following commands via terminal (change the folder structure if you’ve using BossTool):

/bin/chmod -R 755 /Applications/
/bin/chmod +s /Applications/

4. Restart iPhone.

Remember you will need to open Customize a few time before it will work properly.

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  1. markoulis69 says

    yesterday i install the 2.0.0b8.

  2. so I have 1.1.4 and hacked through ziphone. I want customize but sources only have the new 2.0b8 and it doesn’t work. the program opens and then closes right away. any suggestions?

  3. where will i get customize 1.21 in installer or is there any kind of source for it

  4. okay so i downloaded the modded version of customize by using the 1.1.4 compatibility patch, but when i download items from the Themes (customize) category in installer no images show up in the folders in customize. please help?!

  5. I can’t download this file..why?it says safari cannot download this file??

  6. i am using winscp but when i put the comands nothing ocurs what i have to do plese answer

  7. im unable to edit the system strings and how to change system images which is installed from themes under themes(customize) category?

  8. OK i did a restore yesterday on my iphone. I was running 1.1.3 but i used ziphone and just redid everything and went to 1.1.4. Everything in customize worked great before on 1.1.3 but now that i’m on 1.1.4 i can’t find any image sets. They don’t show up in my installer app. Can anyone give me some help with this?

  9. When I open customize, there’s nothing in any of the folders. I went to installer and then to “Themes (Customize),” and installed all except for Apple-Alpha Preset and Ste-Alpha Preset, because they refuse to install. After that, I went back to customize but there was STILL nothing in my folders. I kept turning my ipod off COMPLETELY (forced recovery mode) by pressing the power off AND home button at the same time for about 20 seconds, then turning it back on, but there was still nothing in the folders in Customize. Any help?

  10. Hey I did this method at the top of the page, now I want Customize OFF my iphone, and it is not in the uninstall list on My install app. Need help please on this one people before i end up having to completely restore my phone. How do I get this off my phone, none of my icons on my themebuilder will work need help please.

  11. hey uhm. i downloaded the modded customize and got it into my apps via SSH. but i can’t find it on my dock or homescreen. how do i open it? i can see in in mobilefinder > apps, but i cant find it anywhere else

  12. i installed customize 2.0 on my iphone 1.1.4 but wen i go into theme browser a pop up comes out that says files not found customize could not find the required files to run offline go online and run customize to update the files how do i do that or wat do i do?

  13. i´ve got the same problem benny has someone help us

  14. I guess we all have d same issue. Can someone anwer this

  15. Hi. I had a perfectly working customize on my 1.1.4.
    Its been working fine for months. I installed a couple of games last night, and now Im stuck with the icons I had chosen a while ago as customize wont open. Ive installed the Suid fix and now like every one else, it is going back to the home page on opening. I have Summberboard too, and even that wont let me change my theme. I can at least get into summerboard and change the theme, but when I reset my springboard, nothing changes. Looks like Im stuck with a theme I dont really like for the moment. Does anyone have any suggestions?? I dont have Winscp but I have iphone browser, and I run a PC. any suggestions would be gratefully tried. Thanks.