Cydia encountered a section with no package header [fix]

cydiaMy Cydia app hasn’t been working lately. I’ve been getting the error “Cydia encountered a section with no package header”, then most of Cydia won’t work. I tried reinstalling Cydia but that didn’t work. After searching around, I found a fix that worked for me. You’ll need to have SSH installed, or use an app like Disk Aid, so you can see the file structure of your iPhone and delete some stuff.

Here’s where you need to go to delete the files. /private/var/lib/apt/lists/ Make sure you do not delete the folder “partial”! You can delete all the other files in that folder.

After doing this your Cydia should be back to working again. :)


iPhone 3G Activation Issues

iTunesWe’ll write a longer update later about our morning but while we were at the Apple Store (for 2 hours) there seemed to be a problem with the local network. Employees were scrambling fix routers, airport express and find hard wire cables but then realized it was not a local issues, but a worldwide issues. Both Apple stores and cellular service providers were having issues. Eventually the Apple employees just told me to take it home and activate it.

I stopped by the AT&T store and they were having the same problems. They went to just selling iPhones without activating them and just making sure people were signing up for service. We stopped at a local coffee house/restaurant, Panara Bread, and activated Brooke’s iPhone after about 3 attempts. My iPhone was another story! At the time of writing this article, I was still getting the following error every time I connected my iPhone via USB to our laptop and iTunes:

Customize Crashing Fix

Customize Ok guys, a ton of you are having issues with Customize opening and then closing back to the SpringBoard (Doug was among those of you having issues). I was hoping version 2.0.0B10 of Customize would fix this issue however, it seems that it did not. At least for Doug it didn’t. We did however find a solution that did work for Doug (thanks to a comment left by Critter)!! YAY! I thought I would pass it along to see if it will work for any of you…it is worth a try! All you need to do is go into Installer and search for SUID Lib Fix 1.0 (it is through the BigBoss source). Once you have found it, [Read more…]