1.1.3 + Customize + Categories = ???

I never could get Categories to install on 1.1.3 so I figured it wasn’t ready for 1.1.3. I later read in it’s more info in Installer that it was updated. An update came and when I tried it, my iPhone bricked. Now, after jailbreaking 1.1.3 again I noticed that whichever was installed first (Customize or Categories) is the app that works. The other is just absent from the Springboard. Sad :(

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  1. For categories you need to hide, respring, unhide, respring, using poof.

    For customize 1.21 is not ready for 1.1.3, however there is a version out there by Skylar on the ipod touch fans installer source that is 113 ready.

    Look for customize 1.22 soon

  2. Sweet, I’m gonna try the poof thing… brb

  3. Ok, so I reinstalled Categories and Poof at the same time and now Categories shows up and works… didn’t even have to open Poof.. weird.

  4. Yeah I am using the customize from the ipod touch fans installer source – seems to work just fine so I’m going to use that until an official 1.22 or 1.3 comes out.

    Off topic but… is anyone else having problems with the conceited software source? ever since i re-jailbroke 1.1.3 it sits under uncategorized for me and its apps wont show up =(

    i have http://repository.conceitedsoftware… (cant see the rest – it was on installer originally) and then http://conceitedsoftware.com/iphone (what this site and others say to have)

    • EvePineda02 says

      What is the app called on the ipod touch fan installer… I want to try it out until they fix this one to work with 1.1.3 can you please let me know. and how do i get it.

    • conceited gave his repo to bigboss

  5. lol, if your phone was bricked, you’d have to buy a new one because restoring wouldn’t be possible then :D

  6. @suicidefury: you’re right… what is a better term? basically the iPhone would turn on, show the apple symbol and then flash once and give me the apple symbol with the spinning thingy. How about fried? :)

    • @Douglas
      actually i have that issue a lot but if you just go to the 1.1.2 jailbreak from the devteam (sorta guessing here), u get an option that says reboot…
      that always has worked for me…

  7. When will this be ready and working with 1.1.4?

  8. HappyHound says

    Cool app, but I wish it would work with 1.1.4.