SlingPlayer Mobile Updated Allows Streaming Over 3G

Available In: App Store       Price: $29.99  

##ICON_NAME## SlingPlayer Mobile, an application that allows you to “watch and control your home TV and DVR on your iPhone or iPod touch,” was updated today to version 1.2. The update does one thing, it adds the long awaited feature of streaming over 3G! YAY! Some of you probably already have this feature using a hack however, those unjailbroken folks are now able to stream over 3G as well!

SlingPlayer Mobile
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Stickam Viewer Now Available

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

StickamStickam has recently released an iPhone app that allows you to view streaming video channels live to your iPhone. It doesn’t have a ton of features but it doesn’t really seem to need them. You can sign in or create a new account. You can chat live in both horizontal and vertical mode and you can search. The channels are sorted by Featured, Friends, Shows & Social. I think I would only use it for watching live but it would work well as a security camera for your self too. You can set up an account at and stream your webcam to a channel. Then load it up on your iPhone and your good to go.

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Qik Coming to the App Store

Available In: App Store – Coming Soon       Price: Unknown  

QikKevin Rose just recently posted a video of the Qik application for the iPhone but what makes it special is that it’s a future version from the App Store and not the Jailbroken version. To get you up to speed. Qik is currently only available by jailbreaking and it allows you to stream video live over Wifi or 3G connection. No word on price but we’re expecting it to be free. Let us know in the comments if you use Qik now and how you use it.

Flixwagon preview

FlixwagonMore and more developers are preparing for the App Store. Along with that comes video demos. This demo comes from Flixwagon, a streaming video service. Like, Flixwagon is an app that allows you to stream live video from your iPhone to the web. The first video shows the iPhone streaming to the computer and the second video is the actual video taking by the iPhone during the demo. You are only limited by battery life for length of the stream. Video isn’t as high quality as hoped for, but hopefully that will improve.

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Kevin Rose Confirms for the iPhone.

Kevin Rose has confirmed that the video streaming service,, is coming to the iPhone. He has spoke with the CEO of Qik and will have it installed and have a video demo of the app this week-end!

Here is a link to the announcement:
Here is a direct link to the video:

OrbLive 2.01.0575

OrbLive The update to OrbLive adds a really cool new feature, it continues to play a video thumbnail of the last channel you were on as you browse other channels. It also seemed to be a little faster after the update and the buffering feedback has improved. Another very important new feature is that the auto-lock now gets disabled while videos are playing. That way your iPhone is not locking in the middle of a video! Below is a list of the rest of the new features and fixes. OrbLive is available through the Ste Packaging source.

You can check out a video of OrbLive HERE.
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