Kevin Rose Confirms for the iPhone.

Kevin Rose has confirmed that the video streaming service,, is coming to the iPhone. He has spoke with the CEO of Qik and will have it installed and have a video demo of the app this week-end!

Here is a link to the announcement:
Here is a direct link to the video:

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  1. Interesting since the new 3G doesn’t have video recording capabilities. This would be a sweet app to have. BigBrother watching your video right from your iPhone. SWEET!

  2. Any news about

  3. @Brooke Just wanted to let you know there is an extra space in the direct link to the qik video in this post: like this:
    http://(extra space is here) which causes it not to open.

  4. what is qik?

  5. @iName It is a service that lets you stream live video from your cell phone to the qik website.

  6. I have a feeling we’ll be using this service to update you on upcoming apps and news, once it is released :)

  7. Hi all
    What is the source of Qik…any one knows ???????????????

  8. i want to buy Iphone 3G 8GB is there any one who wish to send me from US to INDIA coz in India, the price isto high to purchase…