OrbLive 2.01.0575

OrbLive The update to OrbLive adds a really cool new feature, it continues to play a video thumbnail of the last channel you were on as you browse other channels. It also seemed to be a little faster after the update and the buffering feedback has improved. Another very important new feature is that the auto-lock now gets disabled while videos are playing. That way your iPhone is not locking in the middle of a video! Below is a list of the rest of the new features and fixes. OrbLive is available through the Ste Packaging source.

You can check out a video of OrbLive HERE.

    • Sort audio by track number when browsing by albums
    • Fix for mapped network drives
    • Fixed mute for videos

OrbLive 2.01.0575 OrbLive 2.01.0575

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  1. Amazing application! I love being able to access my data while away from home. It is really great that this works over EDGE and not just WiFi.

  2. I think the orb work fine in my iphone.

    But, may I know if you could successfully config your orb server?
    I use pinnacle PCTV pro, but it seems not compatible with Orb…

  3. Seems to be a really good app !
    But what does it do except playing music ?
    I see the camera and video buttons……..

  4. It would be very good if we could access doc. and xls.files too…

  5. do they have a mac version.?.

  6. I can’t get it to set-up properly or work on my phone. What am I doing wrong?

  7. haw i meak the sawnd good

  8. I think the orb not work in my iphone.
    keep asking login and pasword
    any one can help me with this please???

  9. Mke maddox says

    Orb on the new firmware… Waiting… MyCast only supports standar suported video files.. Lame

  10. hi there
    does anybody know the source of orb for the old iPhone 2G with the 2.0 software on it? thanks I do like orb verymuch but can’t finde how to install it on the updated 2G.
    greets from switzerland ;)