OrbLive 2.00.0553

This application may be one of the best applications ever for the iPhone. It allows you access to your pictures and music from your computer streamed over wifi to your iPhone. But, there’s more! Video… not just video, recorded video from Windows Media Center. Not just recorded video, LIVE video streaming from your Windows Media Center PC. There’s more! Live webcams! YouTube! You’ve gotta watch this video to see all the features! OrbLive is available through the Ste Packaging Source under the Multimedia section.

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  1. I’m still waiting for an iTunes-like sync over wifi. :) Music, iCal, Videos, iPhoto, Mail and AddressBook. :P

  2. [LonG]© says

    There another orb-like program called “Weezo”. I think that it’s quicker and easier to use, but there not yet a native application for it.

  3. Machappy says

    Ummm…how about us mac users??

  4. Do you need to have cable tv plugged into your computer for this to work?

  5. orb live, is great and runs flawless. only problem is that the live tv sometimes streams out of sync, but the movies don’t stream out of sync. thats the onlly problem i can see with it. other then that its great watching tv at work when your not supposed to be

  6. I wish there was a Mac version out there! :(

  7. now if only this worked over EDGE, and with my linux MythTV box. considering i don’t want or have a windows MCE.
    THEN it would be cool.

  8. David Patrick says

    Are there instructions to set up live TV, anyhwere, thanks everyone

  9. Machappy says

    I’m hoping slingbox comes up with similar app when app store goes live. Patience……

  10. Why is every app PC required? Dont forget us loyal mac users…pls

    love my iPhone…


  11. Now imagine a huge interconnected wifi network (city, state, nationwide – however) that streams media anywhere you go. I, for one, welcome this new distraction!

  12. check http://www.orb.com I thought it had mac stuff, oh btw I dont use media center I just have a cheap USB tv tuner

  13. Is there a British version with sky,and also for mac users?That would be awesome sky sports on iphone.

  14. Football games on the run from Sky Sports. I would love to watch the Champions League final when I am at school, that would be so sick!!!

  15. Does your PC have to be on all the time for this to work???

  16. meberra says

    Not to sound dumb but i dont get what this app is for… wouldnt you have to be within that wifi access point to do this? if so why not just do that stuff from the computer?

    • no you just need to have wifi and orb installed on your pc and it has to be logged in then you simply log onto orb anywhere u can get a connection and there you have it…

  17. Very nice features. Webcam was detected without installation, custom Internet Radio is possible (premiere!!!) and photo-viewer without syncing iPod with PC.
    BUT: It can´t play iTunes-DRM-Songs :(

    • Thailar says

      burn a cd full of drm songs and reimport them to iTunes. unless you have a lot of songs, then it would be a waste of cd’s.

  18. Can this work with DirectTV? If so, how will i be able to set that up?

  19. Yea, it really would be nice for a program like this on a mac…Man what a concept the iPhone interfacing with a Mac…

  20. Touchit says

    Come on people??.. I dont see the hype in this app at all????….
    totally useless, why not just play it off your computer???
    I dont get it??…

    • Sandman says

      How are you going to play it off of your computer if you are at work or at an airport? Or you might be at a friends and you want to show them some pictures or a video. And if you have wireless at work, you can strea all your songs to your iphone, so you have access to over 100 GBs of music instead of the 8GB or 16GB limit of your iphone.

  21. I get an error while creating an account. It says that a connection to the server could not be established. Need help please :-s

  22. Luis E. says

    This app rocks!!!
    once you get everything organized, you’re done and ready to go.

  23. theatman says

    @Douglas I saw in the video that on your iPhone your battery icon is replaced with a percentage figure of the battery’s life (67 it says in the video), WHERE can I get that, I would love to have that! Please help me…

  24. Is there a British version????? plzzzz tell me because that would be class

  25. forward or backward says

    the App is really nice I Love it bout the only thing is you can’t forward or backward songs or videos

  26. i need help with this app too….i try to register and it keeps saying my internet connection isnt working

  27. I wrote a server (for personal use) that you can use to transfer or stream any video to your iPhone… It’s much simplier but works for me…

    • theatman says

      Great! Especially because it works over LAN, should be a lot quicker then. Do you have the download link for me because I couldn’t find it on the google code page. And a brief explanation on how it works maybe?

    • It’s a Ruby on Rails server, so you should have RoR installed…
      Also you need svn…
      just run
      `svn checkout http://iphone-streamer.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ iphone-streamer`
      `cd iphone-streamer`
      Then you should edit the app/model/video.rb, and change the paths to your video path (and others if you want to download videos too)
      It’s still in development, so there’s no easier way, sorry…

  28. this app works awesome! i have a tv tuner in my pc, and now i can watch live tv anywhere over wifi. it took some 3rd party drivers to get my tuner to work with it though, but at least it works!

  29. soo..what kind of tuner cards do you guys have? i am looking to get one, but am unsure of which one to buy.

  30. Shamindran says

    To learn more about how Orb can facilitate Live TV streaming on iphone/ipod, check out the following links.


    Also, if you have any issues with Orb, check out http://support.orb.com & http://forums.orb.com/

  31. Aussiephone says

    Any Mac users totally pissed at being treated like second class citizen by companys like ORB, by not providing a native app to work with iPhone (HELLO!!! primarily a companion Apple product), I suggest you tell the leader of development at ORB.

  32. I am using Orb on my iphone but can only view my local channels via Cablevision cable box. I am having a difficult time accessing all of my cable channels. Is there any advice that you can provide?

  33. Anyone tried on Tzone: here is my experience:

    Anyone tried iphone orblive using Tzone. Here is what I tried:

    1) Orblive works fine with Wifi for everything including audio/music, video/TV and picture.
    2) Orblive TV/video does not work with Tzone
    3) iphone youtube and orblive music/audio/picture work with Tzone

    Any clue? why it works fine for music/audio/picture but not for TV/video on Tzone?

  34. my orblive tv seem like its palying like its on fast forward and keep on bufferng but the audio is good wats the problem can anyone help

  35. does orb work for 2.0??? n is it avialble in cydia?

  36. For you mac users looking to stream like orb or slingbox, try http://ootunes.com It’s the most supported OS ;) windows and linux were an afterthought…

  37. I can’t find Orblive… I just Jailbroke my touch with Quickpwn. Running version 2.02. Can anybody tell me where to find orblive?

  38. we really need this on the iphone 3g

  39. i`dont find orb live for installer 4.0

  40. Same for me I have an iphone 3g 2.1 with installer 4.0 and i cannot find orblive. any other idea how to download this app???

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