aMaze 1.2.1

aMaze The update to aMaze adds 10 new levels bringing the game to 100 levels. I personally do not know how anyone gets past like level 12…I have been stuck there forever! Let me know in the comments what level you have made it to. I am still waiting for the update that will make the ball actually fall into the last hole. I’m beginning to think it is never going to happen! :( aMaze is available through the Ste Packaging source.

aMaze 1.2.1 aMaze 1.2.1 aMaze 1.2.1

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  1. Runew0lf says

    Well i’m currently upto level 55 at the moment, and loving it, i pick it up and do a few levels a day. Fantastic game, just love it.
    I HAD to buy it to get the rest of the levels!!

  2. Level 12?? Level 55?!?
    Not that I’ve played it that much but I haven’t even passed the second one! Hehehe
    My girl and lil bro love it though!

  3. i got to level 2, and decided i liked labrynth WAY better. the ball is easier to control in labrynth than amaze.

    i can beat any level in labrynth, amaze just annoys me when i go to play it, the ball control is crappy.

  4. I’m on level 5!

  5. kingleo1 says

    i have to agree with dennis.. the ball control in aMaze is really worse than labrynth.. i’m gussing it’s cuz of the accelerometer setting feature in labrynth.. it comes with 8 levels free but much more if u r going to pay them.. labrynth totally beats aMaze!!!

  6. Well this app has been cracked for awhile, and yes level 12 is hard. I’m on 34 I think.

  7. wow guys, stuck in level 2?… Ive just downloaded thé game and really in about 7 minutes or less i got to level 10.. I’m going to buy the game, i really like it. I think it will cost a lot more than those 5$, bank transaction kosts to america are around 13 euros, because im from belgium.

  8. So, you guys say that labyrinth is verry good, ive downloaded it, but mmm.. i didnt like it as much as amaze..
    I completed it in bout 6 min though hehe