biteSMS 1.12

biteSMS The update to biteSMS adds a SMS Counter. When you open biteSMS and then open one of your chat conversations, you will notice a new little icon in the lower left corner. That is the new SMS Counter. Other than that, there are no visual changes to the application. I have yet to actually use this application because I never received the credits I purchased. I will have to email them again! Maybe I will do that today! Did anyone else have issues with receiving their credits after purchasing them? Let me know in the comments! biteSMS is available through the Ste Packaging source.

biteSMS 1.2 biteSMS 1.2

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  1. cool_guy says

    I would say that their customer service is fantastic! I had to restore my iphone twice in the past 2 weeks (unlucky me.. :(..) And I lost my credits because of these. Then I e-mailed them asking for my credits back and within hours (max 12 hours), I will get them back! Amazing!

    I hope you will get your credits Brooke! Just drop them an e-mail! I’m sure they will reply soon…

  2. I think u were very unlucky, they are always so prompt! and i had to restore my phone and my credits were gone, so i sent them a mail and like 1 hour later i got my credit back, congratulations for their good service.

  3. Huh, I will have to email them today. I purchased the credits about a week ago.

  4. Their customer service is really fantastic. I received the credits instantly after purchasing.

  5. Best App on my iPhone… really happy with it!!! I have never opened the iPhone-SMS-App since I use BiteSMS!
    I had to restore my iPhone too and I got the credits back very quick!

  6. Brooke, just email us and we’ll sort out your missing credits issue – please….:)