SwirlyMMS 1.2

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free Demo; $8.00 USD  

##ICON_NAME## Hello iPhone People…that is supposed to be read like they say, “Hello Miami” like at concerts and what not. Ok, maybe that only happens in the movies anyway, moving on! It seems that SwirlyMMS, an app that allows multimedia text messaging, has finally made it’s way to the 2.0+ firmware…YAY!. This is very exciting for those of you who can use it! I’m still trying to find a way to get it to work with AT&T but, it does have a new icon!

When you open SwirlyMMS, it will default to the Inbox screen but will then take you to the info screen. On the info screen you will see the options Get Demo and and Arrow. In order to use the application, you will need to request a demo. All you have to do it tap the Demo button and it will automatically “fetch” you a demo license. The first time I tried it…it failed but I just hit the Get Demo option again and it worked fine.

Once you have a demo, you can use SwirlyMMS for 14 days. It then costs $8.00 USD to purchase the application. Once you have your demo you can then select the arrow button and it will bring you to the Inbox screen where you can see your Inbox, Outbox, Sent and Trash. On the lower menu bar there are three options. The “i” will bring you back to the Info screen, the Tools icon will bring you to the Settings page (which is almost exactly the same as it was in the previous version) and the New SMS icon will allow you to create a new SMS. The interface is really nice. You are easily able to add Pictures from your Camera Roll, take a picture, add text to the message and send a file from your iPhone. You can even see all the multimedia files you are sending by selecting the Media Parts option.

As lovely as the interface seems to look and feel, I can’t tell you for sure how well it works! You guys will have to let me know in the comments if the new version is working well. I hope that it is!! SwirlyMMS is available though the Ste Packaging source in Cydia.

Note: I received an email from the developer of SwirlyMMS (which I did not read before writing this post, my bad!) and I guess the biggest news for the new version of SwirlyMMS is that you can now, “send and receive MMSs using an iPhone3G.” So, not only can people with first generations iPhone on the 2.0+ firmware use SwirlyMMS but also people with 3G iPhones. I personally had assumed that would be the case (which I probably shouldn’t have done) but, it is good to know!

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  1. Downloaded and tested in France with Orange All I can say is that it works well but I will use it only during the 15 days trial version as
    8$ is I think far too expensive for such an app

    • Really? Even though it gives your iPhone and functionality that you can have no other way? I suppose if you don’t use it very often then there is no reason to pay $8.00 but, if it is an app that you use all the time $8.00 might not be too bad.

    • That by far is the silliest comment I’ve read today. This is a iPhone break through application that is not going to be available anytime soon through itunes.

    • MMS r already very expensive (well at least in france unless u subscribe to illimited MMS ) so a lot less expensive to send pics through mail well for me

    • Ohhhh gotya!

  2. Has anyone tried it with AT&T ?/?

    • I have it on att and everything works fine virtual voicemail and it is included in the iPhone plan as it’s just recieving data.. And it’s pretty fast..

  3. Great, another app i need ported to FW 2.x. Just Mobile Scrobbler and i can upload from 1.1.4.

    • mobile scrobbler is already out i am on 2.1 and i have scrobbler for last fm installed on my iphone

    • Brandon is correct, it is actually called Scrobble in Cydia on the 2.0+ firmware. It is through BigBoss and is based on the code from MobileScrobbler. But, only upgrade if you have a Mac…WinPwn for 2.1 is not available yet!

    • Wooow. Really? I didn’t saw any note on any site about it… Great, looks like i’ll upgrade my iPhone soon ;-) Many thanks…

    • Yeah…we have missed a few things but, hopefully we can start to get caught up now!

    • One more question: Does exist weTool, iSMS, iBirthday, TeVee for FW 2.x? Thanks and sorry for OT.

  4. And do you have Last.fm app from App Store or Mobile Scrobbler for FW 2.x from Cydia/Installer? Because it is different app. Last.fm from App Store don’t scrobble anything… It is only Last.fm app for view charts and play radio, nothing more… I want scrobbling function…

  5. ok I am slightly confused. The big news is that it works with iPhone 3g. But you are also saying it doesn’t work with AT&T. If it works with 3g wouldn’t it have to work with AT&T since the 3g cannot be unlocked thus have to use AT&T. Someone please explain

    • The US isn’t the only place the 3G iPhone was sold. It was sold all across the world.

    • iPhone 3G is not only in USA, so it can work in other countries with other operators.

    • gotcha. I knew it was sold across the world but I thought under AT&T. So it’s just limited to AT&T in America gotcha. Thank you

    • AT&T is the carrier for the iPhone in the US but not all over the world so other countries use other carriers and apparently those carriers are easier to work around than AT&T.

    • another classic case where u don’t know about the world. US is not the world. AT&T is a carrier the exist only in the US. Tmobile is in the US and Europe but they are different entities under one parent company vodafone.

  6. Come on Winpwn or another GUI pwn. I updated to get rid of the bugs. 2.1 does have some bugs though. Safari still crashes. Photos locked up on me. I have a screen capture if you want proof. Nobody noted that when you take a screen capture the phone makes the camera taking picture sound.

  7. Warning if you are on US AT&T: (from my own research)

    The iPhone “Plan” does not include MMS messaging… you basically have to call AT&T and switch your account to a non-iPhone plan that includes MMS messaging.

    Good luck getting them to do that for you. (You will also likely lose the unlimited data, and visual voice mail).

    Your other options are to have another AT&T phone with MMS messaging plan, and use its IMEI on your iPhone (you will still lose visual voicemail I believe..)

    • Even still… they have a block on iPhone IMEIs. I have a non iPhone data plan and my account shows that Im using an old LG. But for some reason I get an error message whenever I tried sending from SwirlyMMS. It used to work. But At&t stopped this somehow.

    • what if I have another phone with at&t and that phone has mms can I have swirly mms working on my iPhone account

    • why go thru all that pain? Leave ATT if you really want to send mms that bad. To ut case, ATT is wrong.

      We get tier support for our iPhones on Tmobile here in the US. The funny thing when u call customer service they know u are using an iPhone.

  8. jollyblue626 says

    i love the new version!! Its a big upgrade from the previous version. I have a 1st gen iphone and am on tmobile usa.

  9. Attention USA AT&T customer:


    Bottom line: it doesn’t work for US customer.

    Just for thought, if the iPhone is about “i” or mePhone, why so much blockade and restriction? Oh well, some people are best when being told what to do and what to have. (which is Apple’s mojo, unless they say it’s cool, it ain’t cool).

    • Apple got most of us trained!!! Especially here iN the US!!! iBet everybody who ditched there 1st gen iPhone to get the 3G iPhone feels mighty stupid!!!

      -sent from my iPhone
      iGet enough exercise just pushin’ my luck!


    • I have it working on 2.0.2 but I did not buy it before I upgraded so I can not say with certainty that it will not cost you. From what I can tell from their registration process it is paired to the phone and you should be okay. It knew I had used the trial before.


  12. It’s interesting that Japan has had this feature on all their cellphones for a few years now (called S! Mail). The iPhone seems a little behind the ages to the Japanese for not having something that they are immune to. The Saifu Keitei (like a credit card in your phone) and the Suica (rechargable train pass ticket) are already built in, but it’s a give or take. Certain things not available on their phones such as the multiple email accounts you can have on one phone. No matter I still love the iPhone!

  13. I got this 3 days ago and it works with my 3g iphone running 2.1 on at&t, i got unlimited texting and imei was changed by at&t so its like a regular phone now. LOVE this app

    • HOW?

    • Yes, please enlighten us. How did you get AT&T to change your imei without losing your unlimited iPhone data plan, and visual voicemail. Or did you lose your iPhone data plan, and visual voicemail.
      I called AT&T and told them I wanted a mms plan. I said that I used the sim card from my iPhone with my RAZR too. They said in order to get mms onto the RAZR, I would lose my iPhone data plan, visual voicmail, and my rates would go up. I’ve been reading around the net, and other people are saying they have been told this also. How do I get around this.

    • The way i got it to work was kind of a long process i first got my 3g iphone and wanted to swap phone numbers with my iphone and my other number but couldnt do it the at&t store changed the imei and removed the data plan and deleted me as an iphone customer so it didnt have a data plan and was like a regular phone. My brother later got an iphone and didnt want to pay so much so we swapped and he doesnt have a data plan so my iphones imei was chaned probably to a regular number and i have the unlimited msg for families so mms isnt blocked and they even gave me a reciept that they changed the imei number. I noticed that my phone was different when it wouldnt wor on my nephews iphone which is in the same family plan and has the same settings.

  14. yes it will work for US Tmobile, I have a 2G jailbroken and unlocked iPhone. MMS settings are; MMSC:
    Proxy :
    APN: wap.voicestream.com
    And leave everything else blank.
    That’s it to US T-Mobile settings. Thanks for the App Swirly !

    • Ok I have unlimited data on t mobile and the settings arent working, Not t zone. I have the 19.99 plan different apn so is the mmsc different

    • yes the 19.99 plan is for EDGE, and MMS is different. try the settings
      i gave you again. Delete what you did,and start over. pay close attention on every letter,and numbers that are correct.
      this may sound silly but dont type: MMSC, Proxy,or APN.
      belive me, when fatigue sets in you’ll type all sorts of “sh_t”
      good luck.

  15. how to get it to work with AT&T. Just did it and sent received an mms from my iPhone.

    First call AT&T and tell them that you need a new sim chip because the bay fell out and u lost the chip and apple gave you another bay but no sim. Tell them you want it shipped to you. Once you get it, call AT&T and have the activate the new chip over the phone. Wait a couple minutes reboot the phone and you should be good to go.

    I am on the iPhone 3g btw


    • yeshuamyking7 says

      I don’t understand why that would work. You still have the same cell phone plan, right? Everybody keeps saying in order to get it to work with AT&T you have to convince them to turn on MMS for you. Why would having them send you a new sim card change this? Did you have SwirlyMMS installed and configured properly before you made the sim card switch?

    • I think AT&T’s system is setup to turn off mms on iphones once activated through itunes. I’m not sure about this but that’s the only thing I can think of why that worked for me. I’m afraid that they may shut it off soon though. I will comment back tomorrow with an update if it is still working or not.

    • Alright, this morning, one day after the sim switch which fixed the mms problem in swirly. I now get the same error as before :(. Has anyone tried calling at&t and having them turn mms on for you? Man they won’t budge I talked to like 3 people. This is BS because i pay for unlimited text and mms

    • ron says:
      July 8th, 2008 at 11:59 am

      I’ve been using swirly since back before AT&T blocked the use of it. I am still using AT&T, and I have the unlimited multimedia package. It SUCKS to be paying for a service only to have it blocked by the people taking your for said service.

      So I went and found a thread (months ago) in which a dude posted that he’d called AT&T and told them that he needed to have his service unblocked because he uses another phone just so he can receive any mms messages he may have been sent. I finally got around to doing the same thing, and I now have swirly working on my 1.1.3 iPhone.

      I took my daughter’s blackjack, put my sim card in it, and called AT&T tech support. I spoke with the nicest woman and she was very helpful. I told her I use another phone chiefly to receive mms msgs (make sure to have your sim card in the other phone when you call) and she did whatever she did to unblock my service. Swirly has been working perfectly ever since.

      i used the settings that are commonly associated with att’s network. mmsc.cingular.com/

      phone still going strong btw, getting mms picture texts all the time, once i put the word out to friends to send them.

    • I haven’t upgraded to 2.0 because I don’t to lose my ability to mms, so I can’t say if it works on 2.0, but it should, given that the main issue with it not working on att’s network is the fact that they block it.

    • @ ron
      When you did this did you lose visual voicemail, and your iPhone data plan?

    • @brad c.

      No, my visual voicemail and data plan are fine. I’ve been mms’ing for months, but was waiting for the port of swirly to 2.x before I upgraded.

  16. you forgot to mention the best feature: if you call your operator and ask them to send you an update with your mms settings swirly picks it up.

    I just tested with Orange UK – told them I hadca Sony errocson k800i

  17. I have never loved something so much and hated it equally as much, as my iPhone. The iPhone is probably the best piece of equipment I’ve ever owned. It can do everything besides, cut, copy, and paste, and send and receive MMS. For those with AT&T that have gotten swirly to work, congratulations. You are 1 in a thousand. For the rest of us unlucky AT&T subscribers, SwirlyMMS is to much of a headache. I have called AT&T numerous times, and talked to numerous people. I have told them every story I could come up with as to why I need an MMS plan added to my account. I even tried the truth. Untill someone comes out with a patch for this to be fixed. SwirlyMMS is not worth ¢1.

  18. Here’s My Story…..
    About 2 Hrs ago I took my sim card out of my 3G iPhone and put it into a regular at&t phone to try out the mms messaging feature. First I tried to recieve and it said it couldn’t so then I tried to send a mms message. The phone said that my mms was not activated. Not activated! I have 4 phones on my account with at&t and have the messaging plan as well as the iphone plan. I called at&t and got some lady that I could not make understand that this package I have is an umbrella for up to five phones on my account including the iPhone regardless of its inability to send an mms message. I pay for it so it gives at&t no right to disable this for my sim card. I never got rude with the people and yes I got a supervisor or what ever they called him. First name was Evan. I did bring up snooper and he knew what I was talking about. This is a program I guess you can call it that deactivates mms when an iphone plan is opened. Point being I pay for they unlimited text and mms for my whole account which gives at&t no right to disable this for any sim card on my plan. This guy said he would call me back cause he was gonna look at the situation to find a loop hole. (he said he was an iphone owner to). about 45 min later i tried to send and recieve on regular at&t phone and it worked. put the sim back into the iphone and set the first 2 lines of swirly as follows…

    It works now and i never recieved a phone call back from Evan. If you are reading this Evan, THANKS A BUNCH

    • I also told them I just wanted to use the other phone to recieve mms at the end of the night.

    • I spoke to soon. It reverted back to unactivated. Gonna call AT&T tomorrow for round 2. Ding ding.

    • I also have the unlimited picture, video messaging family plan. But still no luck. When I take my sim outta my iPhone and put it in my RAZR, I can’t even connect to Media Net. So obviously if I can’t get on the internet, I can’t send MMS.
      It’s crazy how the iPhone lacking the simplist things, drives me the most crazy.

    • unfortunatly it’s not the lack of the iPhones ability. It’s AT&T. When ever some one gets on the iPhone plan mms messageing is automatically deactivated. Even if you have the unlimited messageing plan. I will eventually get them to see that they don’t have the right to block something I pay for.

    • Well I was going to call at&t today (Monday) but I received a mms message and it worked. So for now I will just let it be and see whether it stays working or not. I will update if anything else happens.

    • If anyone else feels as strongly as I do about how AT&T blocks mms on the iphone send a letter to corporate complaints:
      5020 Ash Grove Road
      Springfield, IL 62711
      or go here http://www.corp.att.com/contact/

      I sent them a comment on the corporate site above and got a phonecall back from a corporate complaints rep. I have attached the message I sent below. BTW she basically told me it was impossible if the iphone plan was on my line because the profiler runs and night and changes it back.

      Sent this to AT&T, Maybe iuf they get enough complaints they will actually listen!

      I am writing to complain about something that AT&T is blocking on Iphone users. I currently have an Iphone 3G on my family plan with unlimited messaging. I also have another phone that I would like to use from time to time in order to send and receive Multimedia Messages (a feature included on the family texting plan i pay for). I was very upset to learn that the MMS feature is blocked on my line because I have an Iphone, regardless of whether I pay for it or not. This is a major issue because your website clearly states “With just one package – ALL lines in your FamilyTalk group can send and receive UNLIMITED text, picture, video and instant messages with anyone in the US.” I was on the phone with a customer service representative for 45 minutes who was oblivious to the fact that AT&T blocks this before she realized that this is common practice for iphone lines. Once she was told by a supervisor, she relayed the message that there was nothing she could do. I asked to speak with the supervisor which took another half hour to get on the line to speak with me. The supervisor was not helpful, I told her what your website states and she told me not for the Iphone because it doesn’t support it. I told her that I am paying for a feature that AT&T is deliberately blocking and I demand the restriction be lifted and she refused. I am a loyal customer to AT&T and have been for over 10 years and I simply cannot figure out what the reason is for this restriction. Something as simple as lifting a restriction can make your customer happy and after an an hour and a half on the line with AT&T support, they refused to unblock a service I pay for. AT&T does not block this service on any other phone, regardless of whether or not it supports MMS and to block something that I pay for is preposterous . Especially after asking a supervisor to lift this restriction. Please feel free to call me with any questions you may have or for more information regarding my issue.

    • @tonman23
      Well it’s been 5 days now and mms is still working on my 3G phone. So the threads that I read and my freinds experience with at&t are just rediculous. I still have the settings as stated above and if I could post my screen shots here to prove it I would. There is a website called http://www.petition.com that allows for free pititions to be set up. I to argued the fact for 30-40 min that they have no right to block something I pay for. My account online still shows I have the iPhone and the data usage shows me sending and receiving multi media messages. I didn’t lose any features on my phone.

  19. i cannot find Swirly in Cydia? I have removed the Ste repo, rebooted, re installed, rebooted. Nothing, still doesnt appear. Pls help. Thx

  20. whats the mmsc, proxy, apn, username and password for v.2.1?

  21. sorry..v.1.2

  22. leviticus007 says

    what happened to the old app that gives you a fake imei?

  23. I have SwirlyMMS 1.2.10 on iPhone 3G with firmware 2.2 I have called At&T and i have had them enable MMS and WAP Push on my iPhone but still it doe not work can anyone help?

  24. You all are crazy!! the simple fact is, you need to leave ATT and Don’t by an Iphone!! yea it’s a nice phone, but ATT and Apple are obviously making it as hard as possible to do even the simplest things!! like MMS!! Obviously they are somehow making more money off us morons this way, or they would allow us to MMS!! it’s not rocket science, IT’s not like they havent heard what the people want!! they know we want MMS and other things as well, but they continue to deny!! They are screwing us and we are allowing it!!

  25. I’ve had cydia since december and I’m on AT&T at first it didn’t work then after I switched to a familynplan with unlimited messaging, for a different reason, it worked. And continued working until April 12th. Even after I upgraded to iPhone 3g. And I’m running 2.2.1. I sent and received over 100 mms fine but for somereason on the 12th it stopped working. I decided to call and tell them the mms on my other phone diet work and they reset it but no dice. Then I got a smart idea. I called and told them I was a developer and have the latest beta of 3.0 firmware installed but mms isn’t working. The guy said he wasn’t supposed to activate it for my iPhone but did anyway. Unfortunately as of today it still doesn’t work.

    Has anyone ever had it stop working for AT&T and then get it working again?

    If I still have no luck at least I only have to wait a little more than a month for mms. :-(

    Oh well.