qTweeter Update – Paste Support & Cydia Store Integration

Available In: Cydia       Price: $4.99  

qTweeter qTweeter, a twitter and facebook application, has been update to version 2.06. The update adds paste support. It also integrates the application into the Cydia store. For those of you who have already “purchased” (donated to) qTweeter, you will not have to purchase the application at the full $4.99. If for some reason it does not show that you already purchased the application, after you install it, it will ask you for your registration information… just enter the email address you used when you donated to the app.

Personally, I still think this is a pretty cool application… mostly because it allows me to post video tweets from my iPhone 3G (not 3GS). Let me know in the comments if qTweeter is an application that you use.



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  1. Yeah I use qtweeter a lot to post videos. I just updated and paste still doesn’t seem to work. Is that just me?

  2. it used to be free when I downloaded it, if I update will it charge me? (I haven’t donated)

  3. it used to be free when I downloaded it, if I update will it charge me? (I haven’t donated)

  4. Paste works for me. (not Cut and Copy) Also Brooke says that the video doesn’t work on the 3GS. It seems to work fine for me on my 3GS. Prb, just a Typo.

  5. Does qtweeter work on 3GS? Cause last time I tried it wasn’t working so I uninstalled it

  6. Qtweeter never worked for me. I tried several times over several days and every time I tried to update my facebook status it timed out. I tested on 3g and wifi. I got it to work once so I know it was set up correctly. Since it failed 99% of the time I got rid of it.

  7. i installed while it was free, and updated to 2.06.. and it did not charge me, nor ask me to register… It may however ask me to register if i open the preferences, so i’m staying away from those

  8. Vlingo is free and allows you to update your status through voice on twitter and fb. Don’t see the point of paying $5 and have to type it.

  9. I love Qtweet, paste does work fine for me on my 3g s

  10. I use qTweeter all the time! It works wonderfully! As long as I can see the status bar at the top, I can update.

    Videos and pics upload great.

    I WOULD like to see a GPS-enabled qTweeter in the near future. I like the geo-tagging feature that TweetDeck provides just as easily as qTweeter does pics and vids. I just wish it were in qTweeter as well.

    I donated because it’s a great little app!

    • mark boyce says

      tweetdeck geotags all tweets? how do u do that?

    • @Mark Boyce:
      TweetDeck does not geotag ALL tweets. When writing a new tweet, there is an icon just above the keyboard and on the right that is shaped like a crosshair. Press that and TweetDeck will determine your location and insert a shortened link in your tweet to Google Maps showing where you “twoted all over the place.”