SwirlyMMS 2.1 – 3.0 Support, 3GP Video Support, Folders, Improved GUI

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free Trial, $6.00 Upgrade, $12.00 New  

SwirlyMMS A few days ago, I heard through the grape vine that SwirlyMMS was going to be releasing a significant update to their application. Well, it seems that this is indeed true. SwirlyMMS 2.1 is in the works (actually it’s in the beta testing faze). The update will include some cool new features:

1) Compatible with iPhoneOS 3.0
2) MMSes can now be “categorized” into folders and subfolders. The folders and subfolders are customizable and messages can be moved between folders.
3) Support for 3GP videos on iPhoneOS 3.0.
5) A completely new message browser.
4) The GUI has been optimized leaving it faster and more alert.

It will cost $6.00 to upgrade (from SwirlyMMS 1.x) or $12.00 to purchase the app. There will be no cost to upgrade if you already have SwirlMMS 2.0.x.

They also have plans for a SwirlyMMS 2.2 which will allow SwirlyMMS users to send messages for free to other SwirlyMMS users! The messages will be sent over the SwirlyNet for no additional cost…yep, free. So, that is something to look forward to!

There is no exact ETA on when we will see SwirlyMMS 2.1 in Cydia but, I’m guessing it wont be too long…I know there are a lot of you waiting! The update will be released via the Ste Packaging source.

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  1. not worth it anymore since mms is available already…

  2. I’m sure someone could unlock that feature on the 2G, Apple is just being dumb saying that the 2G isn’t capable of MMS

    Swirly is the way the to go though for someone who wants advanced mms features

    • I did install SwirlyMMS on a 2G iphone and it does work. I’m on t-mobile in the Netherlands and tried it out with a friend of mine who has a 3G iphone and did receive it. I don’t have a contract with MMS included, but still the iphone automatically insert the data for t-mobilemms

  3. I must be the only person who has “not” ever got swirly mms to work.. I’ve tried everything.. I’ll wait till end of summer.

  4. LOL. Hurry up Swirly team!

  5. I’m finding it hard to believe that the developer of this app didn’t know that this app won’t work with 1st. gen. phones running 3.0 — after using this app your phone will not allow you to make or receive a phone call until you reboot. Some have report that they had to restore their OS before recovering use of their phone. This app sucks now & is dangerous to use since the release of the 3.0 firmware..

  6. B. Rizzle says

    I never could get Swirly to work either, execept back in the 1.x.x days on my 2G iPhone. Even now on 3.0 with a 3G, Swirly could be useful for sending videos, since this is only allowed on the 3GS.

    • if you have 3G on t-mobile with 3.0 I can make it send and receive pics without swirly….

  7. I dont know if anyone else saw, but there was an application released via cydia to enable the MMS settings option under settings<general<network<cellular data network for the first gen iPhone….like it does on the 3G after the 3.0 update, jailbreak, and unlock for T-Mobile…It is called activatemms2g and i installed it on my first gen unlocked for T-Mobile, put in the same settings as I used to in swirly and then rebooted my phone and now the camera appears at the left of the text box in sms……works perfect!!!! No need for swirly anymore

  8. I am trying to find reasons why I would need swirlymms after AT&T has MMS support? Will swirlymms support animated gif with sound and play them at the same time? I know apple’s mobile message app will not do this. Someone also mentioned that swirly has advanced features. What exactly are those advanced features? How does swirly play with irealsms? I would still like to use irealsms, are they going to conflict?

  9. SwirlyMMS via SwirlyNet is a top 5 iPhone app everyday of the week!!!

    I use it all the time and it works perfectly for sending both text and pictures (and sounds…) Since I send more SMS:s than MMS;s I use it mainly for texting. If you do have a few iPhone friends, tell them to get SwirlyMMS and you be paying nothing but the data traffic costs (in case this isn´t free in your plan of course :). Absolutely superb app! And it will just be better and better as more people sign up for it… The true viral effect…. :)