Dock (an application launching utility) on 3.0 Firmware

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Dock It has been a long time (and when I say long time… I’m talking like August 19th of 2008 long time) since I have done a review of Dock, an application that allows you to launch other applications. Honestly, I didn’t even know if it was working on the 3.0 firmware so I decided to give it a shot and, apparently it does work on 3.0. I do think however, that this app has been through more transformations than any other app!

To use Dock, you just drag your finger up from the bottom right corner (or left… depending on your settings) to the middle of your iPhone or iPod Touch’s screen. This will bring up a list of applications. You can then drag your finger up and down to scroll through the applications. Once you are on the app that you would like to launch, just let go and it will launch. You can choose the applications you would like in each Dock via the apps settings.

There is also the ability to drag your finger from the middle bottom of your screen in the center of your screen. This will bring up a middle dock which displays a menu with five options; Media, Phone, Uncategorized, Utilities and Work. You can drag your finger left and right on the screen to switch between the categories. Each category then contains applications. To see the applications in each category, drag your finger upward on your screen. You can then scroll through the application by dragging your finger left and right again. To get back down to the main menu, drag your finger downward. To launch an application, just select it and release your finger.

When you install Dock via Cydia, it will add a Dock Prefs icon to your SpringBoard. Like in the previous version it allows you to; Enable/Disable Dock, the Line Glow, the Speed Dial option in Dock and the ability to display hidden application in Dock. You can also choose to have a starburst on the left or the right (or both). You can also choose what you would like the starburts to launch; Recent Apps or a specific category of apps.

There are six pre-set categories; Hidden, Media, Phone, Uncategorized, Utilities and Work. In the Media option you will find YouTube and iTunes. In the Phone option you will find; Maps, Messages, Phone, Safari and Weather. The Uncategorized option is basically all your applications both App Store and jailbroke. The Utilities option has the AppStore, Clock, Cydia, Settings and WinterBoard. The Work option contains Calculator, Calendar, Mail and Notes.

You can move apps to a different category by selecting a category, selecting an app and then selecting which category you would like to more the application to.

I found that there are two features of this application that do not work. The “Create a New Category” option doesn’t seem to work along with the “Disable Dock for apps” option. Not a huge deal since you can arrange the apps in the Categories already created.

Overall, it seems to work fine on 3.0. I haven’t had this app on my iPhone in quite a while and I forgot how fun it was. It brings me back to the early jailbreak days! Now all we need is the screenshot option that it used to have and we would be good to go. You can get Dock via the Ste Packaging source (which also reminds me of back-in-the-day!).

Note: Don’t forget to use the “Restart SpringBoard” button after you make changes in the app’s settings.


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  1. iphoneg1 says

    Well…it’s not working very well… When I try to call from quickdial iPhone restarts the springboard and goes to safe mode.

  2. Speed dail doesn’t work for me (iPhone 3G). also it will crash Springboard whenever you use speed dail while using another app. If you can fix this bug, it would be a really nice app.

    thx for sharing

  3. I doesnt work on iphone 3gs. Ive tried so many times but nothing happens when i slide my finger at the bottom of the screen

  4. This makes my iPod Touch 2G crash whenever I try to launch an application from it…

  5. Well, I did wanna check out Dock. But I guess I’ll just continue to use the dock thing in SBsettings. That works pretty well for me right now.

  6. iMissDock says

    It can’t launch hidden apps either, which is why I liked using it before.
    I tried emailing Nate but haven’t got a response.

    Maybe the AiS crew can have some influence on Nate.

  7. You can set your own catagories by modifying the plist. I did it and have all the catagories I wanted . Also, for some reason if you DISABLE show HIDDEN apps .. it actually works. If anyone wants to know how to modify the plist , leave a comment and I’ll gladly send you the file . It’s very easy.. this is one of my FAV apps so was happy when I figured it out

    • How can I modify the plist?
      Would be so glad if you can tell me!
      Why can´t I call per speed dial? If I try, springboard starts new???
      Would be great if both utilities work!

      kind regards and many greetz

    • I never use speed dial so I can’t really help you HOWEVER .. for the plist- go to mobile library – pref and select the docksprefs plist . Below I inserted a small snippet . The app was originally in ” uncatagorized” I simply renamed it to my catagory that I wanted .. – rebooted- launched dock and the catagory was there. It’s much easier to use a plist editor and do them all at once . HERE IS THE SNIPPET -App I catagorized is” ifile” I replaced UNCATAGORIZED with SYSTEM APPS :) if you have any probs – just email- REMEMBER TO RESTART Dock afterward.

            System Apps

            System Apps

  8. iMissDock says

    I was also able to edit the plist to sort the apps into different categories. I’ll try to disable show hidden apps and see. Thanks

  9. I guess the snippet. didn’t paste hopefully I explained it well enough that the snippet isn’t needed

  10. Hi I’ve been using dock since I first jailbroke. It’s become a necessity now, but when I tried it on 3.0 firmware it kept crashing everytime I launched an app which was hidden by poof. This is a big problem for me as almost all my apps are hidden because I prefer launching apps with dock. Anyways, can anyone tell me if this problem has been fixed yet?

  11. It doesn’t look like Nate is working on this anymore. The source is available for it though.

    Maybe someone out there could update the code to make it 3.0 compatible.

    I wish I knew how to code.

  12. Pixel Rogue says

    I have this idea for a very simple launcher, one of the things desperately needed for the iPhone. So archaic to have to return to the springboard and find a frequently used app all the time.

    Dirt Simple Enter stage left.

    Universal, dirt simple, access to a few select applications.
    Two finger swipe left-to-right that surfaces a little display of your predetermined apps. The swipe works in every application.

    Two finger swipe right-to-left automatically returns the user to the last used app.

    Let’s call it “Dirt Simple” for the time being.

    I’m not an iPhone developer. Anyone up for the challenge? I can, on the other hand, offer other support to discuss privately (visual design etc.).

    Other Launchers
    Dock Prefs is a great program, don’t get me wrong, and Dock Prefs is something that I would consider a launcher that would be intended to access ALL of your apps ~ even if you create a custom quick access set, it is overboard for access to your most used applications.
    (QuickGold also overkill).

    I would use Dirt Simple in combination with Dock Prefs and Categories.

    Little Rant
    Would love to see Dock Prefs fully working and compatible with Categories.
    Would love Categories to be much faster w/o all the delays.
    Would love to be able to navigate BETWEEN categories without having to always return to the springboard.
    Would love Dock Prefs to utilize Categories in a more rounded (wholesome) way, so you can display apps by the groupings (and display order) created in Categories. Currently you have to organize applications a few different times.
    Would love a way to easily backup Categories and DockPrefs for restore. Here there are apps that do this but I haven’t found success in Categories of Dock Prefs. Be nice if such backup functionalities were build INTO the apps themselves.

    Something dirt simple to quickly get to most common apps…even if only the same apps in the dock of the springboard. I don’t know why Apple hasn’t incorporated anything to address the need…requiring everyone to always go the springboard. Way to many clicks (taps). As a matter of fact, I would see myself RARELY ever using the springboard at all if the launchers were better designed. I’d much rather a strong information screen as the main display and the launcher hidden in the background… no springboard at all….and I’m starting to see developers move this way w/their themes which is nice.

    • stlsgsc14 ip1g says

      Hey man, i was reading ur post about ur idea for “Dirt Simple” and it is exactly what ive been wanting someone to make. (Trying to launch my words with friends doesnt work ): aww) well anyways, if you find a developer that would be willing to work on this let me know, i have a lot i can bring to the table, just not developing):

  13. Pixel Rogue says

    Really wanting to get Dock Prefs 3.4 working on firmware 3.0. Overall, it seems to work but I can’t add a category. Here is what happens:
    • Pick an app >
    • Enter text into the ‘New category’ field.
    • Select “Done”
    x Bottom half of the screen goes white. Doesn’t crash, but category won’t stick.

    – Uninstalled Categories (unhid all apps prior to uninstalling)
    – Uninstalled, reinstalled Dock 3.4

    For others, can’t verify issue w/categories or apps hidden through poof.

    Thanks for any input. The iPhone needs much app switching and this is the closest.

  14. Pixel Rogue says

    Moderator: The html tags didn’t hold. I can’t edit out so I can either repost, or maybe you can edit the tags out?

  15. Has there been any updates on fixing the dock app for the iphone 3g on 3.0 software????? I love the app but the speed dial function crashes my phone into safe mode and that is the part of the app I need the most…. anyone heard of an iphone 3g fix?

  16. @Charles

    You say that only speed dial crashes your phone? For me, EVERYTHING crashes mine. I so love this Dock, and having trouble finding something similar. Gar, come back Nate!!!!!

  17. Thanks loads i now love this app but 1 thing where did u get theme for you phone! i love ur icons and wall paper!

  18. The reason springboard crashes when trying to launch certain things is that if the desired app/shortcut isn’t on the springboard then Dock doesn’t know where it is and this error causes it to crash. This is caused because something in the 3.0 firmware made it so hidden apps couldn’t be found as easily. This should be fixable now, though, since BigBoss just updated LibHide to v.2.0.1, which stores a list of all apps under mobilesubstrate making it easier to find hidden apps. Don’t ask me how this works or if I could use it to fix Dockprefs, cuz I can’t, but it should be a solution.