Date Hide 1.0

Date HideWhen Date Hide is installed, it will remove the date from the Calendar icon on your iPhone’s SpringBoard. It will remove both the day (Friday, Saturday…) and the number (13, 14…) from the Calendar icon. This is great for themes in which the date does not fit correctly on the Calendar icon. I was able install and uninstall this application with no problem. You can get Date Hide via the Planet-iPhones source.

Note: When you install Date Hide…it will not add an icon to your SpringBoard it will just automatically take off the date on the Calendar icon.

Date Hide 1.0 Date Hide 1.0 Date Hide 1.0 [Read more…]

MacBook Air Keyboard

The MacBook Air Keyboard mod will change your stock keyboard to a black and silver keyboard that resembles a MacBook Air keyboard. I was able to install and uninstall this keyboard with no issues. The MacBook Air Keyboard is available through the Planet-iPhones source.

Note: If you have a custom keyboard already installed, make sure you uninstall it before installing the MacBook Air Keyboard.

MacBook Air Keyboard MacBook Air Keyboard MacBook Air Keyboard

Planet-iPhones Source Merged with BigBoss

BigBoss The Planet-iPhones source has been merged into the BigBoss source. You can now find all the Planet-iPhone mods in the Planet-iPhones Mod section of the Installer. We have covered a few of the their mods/applications including the Chromium mod, Hypoxic Wallpaper Pack and ClearSMS.

Planet-iPhones Source Merged with BigBoss

Clear SMS 0.2Beta

Clear SMS Clear SMS is a simple application that allows you to delete all your Texts with one tap. When you install Clear SMS, it will add an icon to your SpringBoard. When you tap on the icon you will get a splashscreen while it deletes all your texts. As convenient as a one-touch solution is…I think it might be nice to have a pop-up on this type of application where you can select yes/no just in case you bump the application…you don’t want it to accidentally delete all your texts!! So, it might even be an application [Read more…]