Recent/CallLog Delete Update – Supports 3.1 Firmware

Available In: Cydia       Price: $1.49  

##ICON_NAME## Recent/CallLog Delete, an application that allows you to delete individual calls from your call history, has been updated to version 1.1. The major feature of the update is that it now fully supports the 3.1 firmware. The update also adds an information button, giving you basic info about the app, when in Edit mode in the call history. Check out the screenshots below for full change log. You can get Recent/CallLog Delete vai the BigBoss source. [Read more…]

QuickTip – Shake your iPhone to Undo/Redo your Previous Text Edits

It’s time for another QuickTip (a very simple tip about the iPhone or iPod touch). I was reminded of this QuickTip yesterday when making a list in Notes.

QuickTip You can quickly and easily undo and redo text edits by shaking your iPhone. If you delete a portion of your typing, you can shake your iPhone and you will get a pop-up with the option to Undo. When selected, this will bring back the text you deleted. [Read more…]

iBlank – Create and Delete Blank Icons

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

iBlank Ok, iBlank has been out for some time now however, it has been a while since I have done a review of it. With all the iNav inspired themes lately, I thought it would be good to do another review of iBlank since it has had some updates since the last time I wrote about it. Most iNav themes seem to install blank icons or web clips when you install/activate the theme. Well, last night, I was settings up a slightly tedious iNav theme (which I will do a review of soon) that did not install blank icon automatically so, I had to use the iBlank application.

iBlank allows you to create blank icons. You can create 1 to 16 blank icons at a time. If you need more than 16 icons you can choose 16, wait for them to be created, choose 16 again, wait for them to be created and so on until you have as many as you need. What I really like about iBlank is that you can also quickly delete all your blank icons at once! If you create blank icons (they are technically web clips) using iBlank you can either delete them individually in “wiggle” mode or all at once using the iBlank application. [Read more…]

CyDelete – Delete Cydia Apps off SpringBoard

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

CyDelete CyDelete is an application that allows you to delete Cydia application right from your SpringBoard….just like you would an App Store application. To use the applicaiton, just tap and hold your icons until they start wiggling and then click on the X in the corner of any Cydia application. It will then look up the application and give you a pop-up asking if you would like to delete the app. If you select Delete, it will then say uninstalling and voilĂ …it uninstalls! Personally, I like this mod…it is so much faster than going into Cydia, finding the application, clicking on it, selecting modify, selecting remove, selecting confirm and then waiting for the app to uninstall! You actually used to be able to do this same thing using Kate (I miss Kate). Screenshots below.
[Read more…]

Clear SMS 0.2Beta

Clear SMS Clear SMS is a simple application that allows you to delete all your Texts with one tap. When you install Clear SMS, it will add an icon to your SpringBoard. When you tap on the icon you will get a splashscreen while it deletes all your texts. As convenient as a one-touch solution is…I think it might be nice to have a pop-up on this type of application where you can select yes/no just in case you bump the application…you don’t want it to accidentally delete all your texts!! So, it might even be an application [Read more…]