CyDelete – Delete Cydia Apps off SpringBoard

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

CyDelete CyDelete is an application that allows you to delete Cydia application right from your SpringBoard….just like you would an App Store application. To use the applicaiton, just tap and hold your icons until they start wiggling and then click on the X in the corner of any Cydia application. It will then look up the application and give you a pop-up asking if you would like to delete the app. If you select Delete, it will then say uninstalling and voilĂ …it uninstalls! Personally, I like this mod…it is so much faster than going into Cydia, finding the application, clicking on it, selecting modify, selecting remove, selecting confirm and then waiting for the app to uninstall! You actually used to be able to do this same thing using Kate (I miss Kate). Screenshots below.
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