Quickly Clear Cache, History and Tabs in Safari

Reset Safari for SBSettings is an SBSetting toggle that allows you to quickly clear Safari’s cache, history and remove all tabs. Once the app is installed, you will need to go into SBSettings and then the More option and turn the toggle on. Once it has been set as one of your toggles, it’s pretty simple to use… just tap the ResetSafari toggle and it clears everything. It does not actually toggle on or off… you just tap it and it instantly deletes everything. If you use the toggle while Safari is open, it will close the app in-order to reset it.

When I tested the app… it worked just as I expected. All my Safari history and tabs had been removed and my cache cleared. I didn’t catch any glitches with the app… let me know in the comments if you did. You can get Reset Safari for SBSettings via the BigBoss source.


Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Recent/CallLog Delete Update – Supports 3.1 Firmware

Available In: Cydia       Price: $1.49  

##ICON_NAME## Recent/CallLog Delete, an application that allows you to delete individual calls from your call history, has been updated to version 1.1. The major feature of the update is that it now fully supports the 3.1 firmware. The update also adds an information button, giving you basic info about the app, when in Edit mode in the call history. Check out the screenshots below for full change log. You can get Recent/CallLog Delete vai the BigBoss source. [Read more…]

Recent/CallLog Delete – Delete Individual Calls from Call History

Available In: Cydia       Price: $1.49  

Recent/CallLog Delete Recent/CallLog Delete is a mod that allows you to delete individual calls from your call history. This is a simple but handy application. Once installed, it adds a Edit button to the top left of your Recent Calls page in your stock Phone application. When you select Edit, you are able to delete individual calls. Normally, you are only able to Clear the entire list and not delete the call history one by one. [Read more…]

QuickTip – Clear History in Safari

AiS Sticking to my Safari theme, here is this weeks QuickTip! If you have a QuickTip you would like to submit you can email it to QuickTip@appleiphoneschool.com.

QuickTip – When using Safari, it keeps track of your browsing History (similar to a Mac or PC). This is a nice feature for those times when you would like to go back to a website you were at a few days ago but cannot remember the site’s url. To see your Safari history, while in Safari, select the icon on the lower menu bar that looks like a book. You will then see an option titled History. When selected, it will display your browsing history for the current day as well as the last five days. To view one of the website’s in you history, just tap on it.

While in your history, you will also notice that there is a Clear option on the lower menu bar. You can choose to clear all your history or you can tap on a certain date and then clear the history just for that day. This is a quick and easy way to erase your Safari history. See screenshots below.
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