Facebook 3.02 Update

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

Facebook Facebook was updated to version 3.02. The update has bug fixes and adds VoiceOver accessibility support.

After you update to 3.02, you may see a black bar on the home screen of the app. This is a slight bug. The black bar will go away if you do not use the application for one hour… yep, just let the app sit there unopened for an hour and it will go away. Or, you can uninstall and reinstall facebook and that will also fix the problem. [Read more…]

BlankNull Now in BigBoss Repo

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

BlankNull If you have fallen victim to the new iNav theme craze, you probably know how annoying it can be to have a ton of blank web clips on your SpringBoard. Well, there is a solution, BlankNull. BlankNull is an application that, when installed, removes the “link” on webclips. So, when you miss your icon and tap on a blank icon, it will no longer open Safari. Instead, it will do nothing…it basically turns it into a blank icon instead of a webclip! Pretty cool!

But, I will have to admit that this is not the first time we have seen this application. BlankNull is normally part of the Apple-News.fr source however, it has apparently now been added to the BigBoss source. [Read more…]

iBlank – Create and Delete Blank Icons

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

iBlank Ok, iBlank has been out for some time now however, it has been a while since I have done a review of it. With all the iNav inspired themes lately, I thought it would be good to do another review of iBlank since it has had some updates since the last time I wrote about it. Most iNav themes seem to install blank icons or web clips when you install/activate the theme. Well, last night, I was settings up a slightly tedious iNav theme (which I will do a review of soon) that did not install blank icon automatically so, I had to use the iBlank application.

iBlank allows you to create blank icons. You can create 1 to 16 blank icons at a time. If you need more than 16 icons you can choose 16, wait for them to be created, choose 16 again, wait for them to be created and so on until you have as many as you need. What I really like about iBlank is that you can also quickly delete all your blank icons at once! If you create blank icons (they are technically web clips) using iBlank you can either delete them individually in “wiggle” mode or all at once using the iBlank application. [Read more…]

iBlank – Easily Create Blank Icons

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

iBlank iBlank is an application that allows you to easily create blank/transparent icons. This is ideal for custom modding. I know Doug uses a blank icon under Stack on his dock. It is also nice for lining up your icons exactly how you would like them or use with certain themes. Here is how the app works.

When you open iBlank, you will get the main screen which contains instructions on how to use the application. All you need to do, if you would like to create a blank icon, is select the Create Blank Icon button at the bottom of the page. You will then get a pop-up saying that the icon has been successfully created. Select OK and then hit your Home Button. Your iPhone will respring and you will have a blank icon on your SpringBoard. If you are having trouble finding your blank icon, just make your icons wiggle (tap and hold any icon until they all start wiggling). You can then find it because you will see a space with an x in the top left corner but no icon. [Read more…]