Chromium KeyBoard 1.1

If you liked the Chrome iPhone Mod – Chromium…here is an addition to the set (or just an individual mod if you do not want the entire Chrome theme). When you install Chromium KeyBoard, it will make a backup of your stock keyboard and then change it to the Chromium KeyBoard. So, after installing this mod, you will have a chrome keyboard instead of the stock keyboard. Below are a few screenshots. Also, if you decide that you would like to go back to your stock keyboard, [Read more…]

Chrome iPhone Mod – Chromium

Chromium iPhone is a mod available through the Installer that gives your iPhone a Chrome theme. Here is a description via the developer:

More than just a simple .artwork replacement…I’ve went through and customized nearly every single image on the phone giving it a metallic look and feel. I kept a few of the original iPhone images in place simply because they look too good to change. Apple did an amazing job designing the original artwork on the iPhone but here’s my rendition.

It is a simple mod…just add the source, search for Chromium iPhone and install. Your iPhone instantly has a very new feel…I personally like the badge this theme creates. Below are a few screenshots. Check out THIS forum thread for even more screenshots and info about Chromium iPhone. Chromium iPhone is available through the Planet-iPhones source.

Note: I was able to uninstall Chromium iPhone with absolutely no problem. Just go into installer, uninstall and restart your iPhone.

Chromuim iPhone Chromuim iPhone Chromuim iPhone [Read more…]