Chromium KeyBoard 1.1

If you liked the Chrome iPhone Mod – Chromium…here is an addition to the set (or just an individual mod if you do not want the entire Chrome theme). When you install Chromium KeyBoard, it will make a backup of your stock keyboard and then change it to the Chromium KeyBoard. So, after installing this mod, you will have a chrome keyboard instead of the stock keyboard. Below are a few screenshots. Also, if you decide that you would like to go back to your stock keyboard, all you have to do is uninstall Chromium KeyBoard and it will go back to stock. I had absolutely no issues installing and uninstalling this mod…it worked great. Chromium KeyBoard is available through the Planet-iPhones source.

Warning: You will want to read the comments below before installing this application. Some people are having issues with it erasing other custom mods. I have installed and uninstalled this application multiple time with no problem however, you will want to read the comments below.

Chromiun KeyBoard 1.1 Chromiun KeyBoard 1.1 Chromiun KeyBoard 1.1

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  1. Yery Nice ,hope that some great stuff about this comes soon.

  2. mine just screwed up and its installed on my phone but i cant unistall and its showing that i have to still install it even tho its installed. i dont know what to do because if i reinstall it, it will create a backup of the chromium…

    • so half my keyboard is normal and half my keyboard is chromium. when i go to type a text it looks normal but when i go to the numbers keyboard its chromium….anyone know how i should fix this? i dont want to reinstal; chromium because then it would create a backup of my screwed up keyboard

    • I’m having the same problem, its not listed in installer to be removed and i dont want to install it again and risk messing my keyboard up, anyone got an idea?

    • I was able to use Customize (while the Chrome KeyBoard was still installed) and set it back to my stock KeyBoard.You can go into Customize Image/Sounds, Artwork, KeyboardCommon and KeyboardLatin – reset both of those back to the OriginalBackup.

    • clark read below and here is the link for the original back up to SSH

    • haha, thanks paul, you might reconize me as Fallen? haha

    • haha nice

  3. i get an error “Sorry, 1.1.4 only!”. When I try to install it. . . Funny thing is, I am running 1.1.4.

  4. Two thumbs up for me, works great! Are there other keyboards that I can get off the installer?

  5. Macopoulos says

    What happens if you have other non eng keybs

  6. i wouldn’t suggest using FWChanger to install this. i tried and now my phone crashes(resprings) every time i touch my keyboard..

    • It’s not compatible with 1.1.2 and below… it causes it to crash… that’s why it won’t install on those versions lol… We didn’t just do it because we hate 1.1.2 and below :)

  7. this is lovely, I’m using it now, really nice work, and goes amazingly with the full GUI……:)

  8. Does anyone know where the files are located so i can just delete them through SSH? i found a backup of the original keyboard and i just want to SSH that back in and hopefully solve the problem. Also, is the keyboard files that i should overwrite in

    /System/Library/Frameworks/UIKit.framework/ ?????

    the Keyboard-Common.artwork and Keyboard-Latin.artwork?

    Someone please tell me if i am right on this

    • Have you tried using Customize to go back to your Stock files? It is Customize Image/Sounds, Artwork, KeyboardCommon and Keyboard Latin.

    • didnt work

    • i overwrote those files via SSH and it worked

    • Also some help that i used per another forum

      If Chromium Keyboard is crashing during installation it means you do not have enough free space left. It is not a problem with the packaging it is a problem with not checking free space.

      In case you’re not sure of how to fix the free space error, here it goes..

      Install BossTool from and use the “relocate apps” option. This will free up space on your iPhone that is used by as temporary file storage and allow you to install bigger and better applications.

    • Huh…I was able to go back to the stock Keyboard using the Customize OriginalBackup. Well, glad you got it back. Also, I was going to tell you (though you already did it now) that those were the correct two files to overwrite.

    • thanks brooke. by the way, awesome site been with it for awhile

    • The keyboard backups are stored in var/mobile/Library/Planet-iPhones/KeyBoard_Backup

    • Just incase those backups got messed up there is a link up in comment #2 with the original keyboard backups that you can DL

    • hey thanks paul, i installed the keyboard and it didn’t install fully, the keyboard showed up, but it was very glitchy, and my notes, safari, and installer were very glitchy and when i typed something it crashed. i installed bosstool and moved some things. then i went back to installer and installed the keyboard and it worked perfectly, thanks paul. i was about to restore my whole itouch and waste a whole day reinstalling my stuff, for the second time…..

    • no problem

  9. dominickc says

    so. my phone is (was) very highly modded. After I installed this mod I lost everything. ???? Kate stopped working (installer cannot find support archive, check support zip /var/root/Library/RiPInstall/) The zip is there, but Kate pops screen every time. All my summerboard themes are gone. I can’t even find the smb files anymore, though the app is still present on the phone. My mail account info was reset to nothing, I now have to reenter all addresses manually. All my contacts are gone. Taskbar notifier no longer works. My music is totally wiped. What the heck??? I’ve been in this for a while now, but this is a first for me. I’m pretty upset that such damage could be done by so simple a mod. Even my installer reset. I have around a 100 apps on the phone, all I have in the uninstall screen of installer now is installer. I can’t even uninstall this mod, even my repo disappeared. What could have been attached to this app to make it so damaging. Any Ideas on where all my info went?????

    • Wow… that most definitely could not have been cause by our installation. I am going to have to say it was something with one of the 100+ apps you had installed and running.

    • dominickc says

      ok. I would tend to agree with you, in that my phone is a little stressed from all the apps I keep loaded. However, my phone hasn’t received a new app in days. Everything has been running fine. no problems. The keyboard works fine by the way, good job on the artwork. It seems as if all my plists are gone. Itunes can’t tell what is what, and some of the aps themselves can’t find their own files. Whatever happened, the info was not erased from the phone. It is all still there, just with no link to use it. Itunes registers 6.98 gigs in the orange field marked other. Thats all of my music, videos, voice notes, roms….. ect. all there but with no link. Any Ideas??? This was the only mod of the day. The only thing I installed in days.

  10. whatever happen to the vibrating keyboard??

  11. Hi Everyone,

    I just used the keyboard app and I have now lost everything from the past few months. This app sucks!!!!!

  12. hmkeptic keyboard that was a sample the full program never dropped

  13. Chromium Keyboard v1.12 is now available on the repo. Be sure to refresh sources and update.

    This update fixes the Q & A letter misplacement on the french landscape keyboard in Safari.

    If you find any other bugs please email

  14. Anyone tried the Retro PhonePad…?

  15. i downloaded the keyboard and now wenever i try and use it, then its just all messed up and u cant c any of the buttons

  16. ok, this mod should be taken off installer. first of all the shift key doesn’t work, and only the numbers work. the letters remain unchanged. if this isn’t bad enough my safari is now unusable because the keyboard comes up with a bunch of screwed up incomprehensible images. great job paul, my ipod is.

    a warning to anyone thing of downloading it
    your ipod will be screwed

  17. xisleone says

    I installed chromium keyboard
    and when I went to my gmail
    I recieved an error
    user name or password incorrect
    I tried reentering the info but no luck
    is there a fix

  18. I found the stock keyboards backups in SSH could someone please tell me how to restore it. I am very new at this. Will appreciate a detailed direction. Thanks.. Don’t want to mess up..