Chrome iPhone Mod – Chromium

Chromium iPhone is a mod available through the Installer that gives your iPhone a Chrome theme. Here is a description via the developer:

More than just a simple .artwork replacement…I’ve went through and customized nearly every single image on the phone giving it a metallic look and feel. I kept a few of the original iPhone images in place simply because they look too good to change. Apple did an amazing job designing the original artwork on the iPhone but here’s my rendition.

It is a simple mod…just add the source, search for Chromium iPhone and install. Your iPhone instantly has a very new feel…I personally like the badge this theme creates. Below are a few screenshots. Check out THIS forum thread for even more screenshots and info about Chromium iPhone. Chromium iPhone is available through the Planet-iPhones source.

Note: I was able to uninstall Chromium iPhone with absolutely no problem. Just go into installer, uninstall and restart your iPhone.

Chromuim iPhone Chromuim iPhone Chromuim iPhone Chromuim iPhone Chromuim iPhone Chromuim iPhone Chromuim iPhone

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  1. It says 1.1.4 only and im on 1.1.3
    Can I update my ipod from itunes or will that mess it up?

    • that will mess it up my friend…

    • If you wont mind, just update your ipod (it will erase every app you’ve installed) and through ziphone rejailbreake it in 1.1.4 .

  2. TwistyValhalla says

    I appreciate the work that was put into making this. However I must say, it’s themes like this that make me realize how classy the original interface is from Apple.

  3. Ive been wanting a theme like this for a while, I also have grown to like the default theme tho. I dunno why but the blue just fits the bill the best XD

  4. just installed it.. mess up my iphone…. cant unstall it

  5. how can i install it?

  6. while this is a great accomplishment by the developer, the default UI theme is much more clean and polished. I also do not like the optical illusion the button lighting/shadowing creates; they look like trapezoids instead of rectangles!

  7. This mod will work for both 1.1.3 or 1.1.4 and it is for the iPhone ONLY. My appologies for not clearly specifying that earlier.

    The install/uninstall works flawlessly for me using 1.1.4.

    The Developer

    • Also.. 1.1.3 users must install manually via ssh since the package in the repository is setup for 1.1.4 only.

    • Why do you say it is for iphone only? I have it in my ipod touch 1.1.4 and it seems to work fine. But I still want to know, will it mess up my ipod?

    • Well I didn’t think it would work with the iPod Touch but it actually does. This mod is only replacing a bunch of images, you don’t have to worrry about it messing up anything. :)

    • It works for Touch ;)

      Sorry for the confusion, Allen didn’t package this one :)

    • Amir Mondal says

      I have a 1.1.4 ipod touch. When i tried installing the chromium keyboard, it didnt fully install and my installer crashed. When i went into my notes to see how the keyboard looked it was black with multicolored stripes running though. Now i cant see my keyboard and i tried uninstalling it but it wasnt there since it didnt fully install. Now whenever i try to type something the keyboard is black and ugly!!! I cant see my keyboard properlly! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. i cant find the application in the uninstall area.. all my apps crashes..

    • All my apps have crashed also, if you find a solution please advise. Thanks in advance!

  9. well done install/uninstall-coding and a great artwork. but i agree with TwistyValhalla and Brian. to the developer: i would take your work as a basis for a more leopard-style-looking theme (i think of the grey title bars, buttons ect.), but with the clear and plain “understatement” of the original theme of the iphone. “more less” should there be “more”…

  10. it’s ugly ><

  11. TheDiggin says

    wow i was going to try it but you guys have put me off…

  12. Hi everyone,

    I personally packaged this Chromium Artwork and I just wanted to let you all know a few things.

    1. I packaged it with if/then statements EVERYWHERE so that if you do not have a certain application installed (SummerBoard or mail if you’re on an iPod Touch) it will skip the installation of that particular component.
    2. That being said, this will work on all iPhone and iPod Touches!
    3. Also, I am updating the repository to allow installation on 1.1.3 iPhones and Touches so by the time this is posted you will be able to install Chromium Artwork on your 1.1.3 firmware iPhone or iPod Touch.
    4. If you’re still having trouble, make sure you have enough free disk space! This is quite a large installation and is known to run into problems when you are running low on disk space (such as crashing during installation)

    I’m glad you are all enjoying it :D

    Oh… and Lucky… it’s def not ugly :)

    • Hi, i got it and really liked it but just for curiosity i tried to unistalle it but i can’t. How can I uninstall it?

    • Why can’t you uninstall?

    • Never mind, though it didn’t at first now after 3 or 4 turning on and off it did. Anyway I don’t really now why I couldn’t unistall it, all I remember is it starting unistallation and suddenly it stoped.. didn’t crash or froze just stoped and stood there as if I never clicked uninstall. I also tryed downloading the original images but that did crash my installer.

  13. I find this terrific, but it is like a “just for now” thing couse after a lot time with it it actually bothers.. this being said, HOW CAN I UNINSTALL IT?

  14. i had bad experiance with this app
    i instulled it while my iphone was running off battery
    so the setup was not completedthen all apps was unable to log
    i thought it was bug or defect version !!
    but then i found that the setup was not completed so i instull it again
    and every thing was ok
    but finally i uninstull it coz i like my defult theme better :)

  15. Another update people. I have just added a more comprehensive Original Images package to our repository:… This will completely eliminate all traces of custom images and bring you back to default. Currently it is only for iPhone though a seperate package for iPod Touches will be released as soon as I determine the file structure for iPod Touches. On a related note, if anyone with a jailbroken iPod Touch can chat with me on AIM or email me that would be great (Sidetalker10 on AIM or

    If Original Images or Chromium iPhone is crashing during installation it means you do not have enough free space left. It is not a problem with the packaging it is a problem with not checking free space.

    I hope you all enjoy it :D

  16. GutzPilz says

    Hey Guys !

    I’ve made a GANT-Theme for Customize2. Check it out….
    Name of the Theme is “GANT1”.
    If u like it, RATE IT !

    Thank u GUYS…
    Best Regards, GutzPilz.

  17. This app is not showing up in my UnInstall tab.
    Manually removed the Planet-iPhones folder from Mobile Library
    but only some of the effects went away.
    Can someone tell us how to Uninstall it completely manually?
    I like it but I like options as well.

  18. i wish i can come back to my defult theme…
    i used original but doesnt work , i think formatting is the only solution ..

  19. jaredfielding says

    Ah! I installed and now the keyboard is corrupt. Instead of displaying any keys, it just puts of a block of random pixels where the kb should be. I can’t get any app to run with the kb. Uninstaller is not showing it. How to I return to the default kb??

  20. I am having the same prob as everyone else. I cannot go into my text messages, alarm clock, notes, anything that uses the KB it will just go back to the homescreen. I cannot uninstall it because it is not in the uninstall section – HOW CAN WE FIX THIS??? Thanks in advance!

  21. i have same probelm about the text messages, alarm clock, notes and i uninstall the app from the uninstall folder but the effect of the application still running on my phone any one can solve it ??

  22. by the way it is working but u must removed this app summer baord theme application ..
    but the problem when u want to uninstall there will be crash with ur phone and icons ?
    so i need help also

  23. Damn this thing – it doesn’t uninstall cleanly. Repeated install/uninstall cycles dont help.

    Does anyone have a recipe for doing this manually ?

    Damn, damn, damn.

  24. there is no download in the for the original images…how do i get my phone back to normal

  25. Bedammit says

    After the first install of this “theme” I ended up with corrupt images. It appears it backed up some but not all images. I removed some apps to make sure I had space then reinstalled. Then I could see the theme. But I no longer want it due to the problems I had and the low contrast with some text. I can not remove it without having corrupt backups as the install must have either ran out of space or the iPhone shut off during install.

    1. Allen check space and battery power before install
    2. Store some sort of crc or file check data that can be compared before restoring
    3. Provide UI to swap items or disable theme or other feature.

  26. i didnt like how it looked so i uninstalled it, to my surprise what i have now are corrupted icons/images and some apps even crash such as ipod, sms etc..

  27. Yep
    Jad reinstall it till we can get the original artwork from Allen.

    Allen can you repost the original artwork?

    Lots of us have corruption issues and I would like to not have to reinstall as I’m away from my main pc.

  28. I’ve tried everything to uninstall it on 1.1.4. It’s impossible to get rid of. Allen Wrench, please advise.

  29. Same Problem!!!

  30. i just saw all the post . so do you think that is secure to install it ? and uninstall it?

  31. I know if i put a app on this 400$ phone and it crashed id come lookin for allen!