Apple Takes $100 off Price of 1st Gen iPads

Apple has decreased the price of the 1st generation iPad by $100. You are now about to get the 16GB WiFi iPad for $399 all the way up to the 32GB Wifi + 3G iPad for $729. You can get more info about it HERE on Apple’s website.
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Firmware 4.0 (iOS 4) – The Basics – When, What, How Much?

iOS 4 We have known about the new features of the iPhone 4.0 firmware since Apple’s OS 4.0 event in April. Jobs reminded us of a few of those features during today’s WWDC Keynote however, below are basics on when the firmware will be available, how much it will cost and who it will be available for.
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Apple Annouces International iPad Release Date and Prices

Apple Today, Apple announced that the iPad will be available in nine more countries on Friday, May 28th. These countries include; Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the UK. Customers in these nine countries can begin pre-ordering the iPad on Monday, May 10th via Apple’s online store.

Apple’s press release also states that the iPad will be available in Austria, Belgium, Hong Kong, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand and Singapore sometime in July. Check out Apple’s full press release below for more info.

Below is the International Price List for all versions of the iPad.
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Shopping List

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

##ICON_NAME## Shopping List is a simple list application that allows you to add and check items off of a list. The thing that makes this application unique is that you are able to enter the cost of the item as well as the quantity. It then displays the combine cost of the all the items on the list. As you check items off the list, it adjusts the total cost and displays what percentage of your shopping is complete.
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Price Reduced – Sims 3, Need for Speed Undercover and Wolfenstein RPG

Available In: App Store       Price: See Below  

Electronic Arts Electronic Arts, the developers of some of the post popular iPhone and iPod Touch applications, has just reduced the price of three of their top games; The Sims 3, Need for Speed Undercover and Wolfenstein RPG. It is not unusual for EA to reduce the price of an app. It seems that after an app has been released for a while, they are nice enough to drop the price. Good for those of you who are patient! The price of these three games have been reduced by $2.00 or more (see below). [Read more…]

CompareMe – Compare Prices Between Products

Available In: App Store       Price: $1.99  

CompareMe CompareMe is a shopping utility that allows you to compare prices between products. At a first glance you might think; “What a basic little app” but, after further review, you would realize that CompareMe has quite a few “hidden” features.

The most predominate feature of this application is the ability to input the amount, unit and price of two items in order to compare them and find out which one is the better buy. You are able to choose from a large selection of Units allowing you to compare basically any two items. Once the information has been added, you are quickly given a comparison detailing how much you would save (the discount %) and how much extra you would pay (the premium %) depending on which item you purchased. [Read more…]

Price Cut App Store Applications

Available In: App Store       Price: Free – $1.99  

App Store I got an email from a viewer letting me know that a few apps where on sale right now. They are actually pretty good deals so, I thought I would pass them along. As of right now you can get the following apps for the prices listed below.

Aqua ForestFree (normally $7.99)
Click here to download Aqua Forest via the App Store

Space Monkey – Free (normally $1.99)
Click here to download Space Monkey via the App Store

Enigmo$1.99 (normally $4.99)
Click here to download Enigmo via the App Store

GasBag – Coming Soon

GagBag by jamcode LLC is an application that allows you to search for the cheapest gas based on location. It looks as though you are also able to search by the type of gas you are looking for or by specific gas station. The app is currently in private beta but I’m sure it wont be too long before we see it in the AppStore. It will be interesting to see what database the information is pulled from and how up-to-date it is. If it turns out to be decent…it might be an application that ends up on the “must have” list.

Watch “GasBag” on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Average App Store Application Price: $2.29, 71% Will Be Free

AppStore Statistics from a survey taken by Piper Jaffray at the WWDC have some interesting results. The numbers aren’t going to be too accurate in my opinion because this is only based on 20 of the 5,200 developers at the conference. Here is the rundown:

    • 50% are developing for only the iPhone & iPod Touch
    • 50% are developing for the iPhone, iPod Touch & Mac
    • 15% will use location based service
    • 10% entertainment category
    • 10% game category
    • 15% enterprise level
    • 70% have apps for other phones

Average cost of Apps: $2.29 USD
71% of apps: Free