Price Reduced – Sims 3, Need for Speed Undercover and Wolfenstein RPG

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Electronic Arts Electronic Arts, the developers of some of the post popular iPhone and iPod Touch applications, has just reduced the price of three of their top games; The Sims 3, Need for Speed Undercover and Wolfenstein RPG. It is not unusual for EA to reduce the price of an app. It seems that after an app has been released for a while, they are nice enough to drop the price. Good for those of you who are patient! The price of these three games have been reduced by $2.00 or more (see below).

The Sims 3 Previously $9.99 now $6.99.
The Sims 3

Need for Speed Undercover Previously $6.99 now $4.99.
Need for Speed Undercover

Wolfenstein RPG Previously $4.99 now $2.99.
Wolfenstein RPG

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  1. Waitin’ for BeejiveIM to do the same. Thanks for the info. =]

  2. Wow, It is great to hear that price is reduced.
    Thank you for sharing information.

  3. Need For Speed is the best game that i have ever played.;*’

  4. Need For Speed is a great game that i enjoy playing all day long:`’