Average App Store Application Price: $2.29, 71% Will Be Free

AppStore Statistics from a survey taken by Piper Jaffray at the WWDC have some interesting results. The numbers aren’t going to be too accurate in my opinion because this is only based on 20 of the 5,200 developers at the conference. Here is the rundown:

    • 50% are developing for only the iPhone & iPod Touch
    • 50% are developing for the iPhone, iPod Touch & Mac
    • 15% will use location based service
    • 10% entertainment category
    • 10% game category
    • 15% enterprise level
    • 70% have apps for other phones

Average cost of Apps: $2.29 USD
71% of apps: Free

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  1. Good to know.

  2. Thats a fair price. I just hope there will be a killer app that lets you record calls.

  3. The Voice recorder app lets record i believe.

  4. Blahblah9 says

    It seems like almost all apps cost money


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