Firmware 4.0 (iOS 4) – The Basics – When, What, How Much?

iOS 4 We have known about the new features of the iPhone 4.0 firmware since Apple’s OS 4.0 event in April. Jobs reminded us of a few of those features during today’s WWDC Keynote however, below are basics on when the firmware will be available, how much it will cost and who it will be available for.

Name Change

The firmware will no longer be called OS 4.0, it has been renames to iOS 4.


iOS 4 is available today to developers and will be available to the public on June 21st.


iOS 4 will be available for the iPhone 4, the iPhone 3GS, the iPhone 3G (though not all the feature will work on the 3G), the iPod touch (though, once again, not all the features will be work on it). It will not be available for the first gen iPhone or the first gen iPod touch.

How Much

The upgrade is free for everyone! YAY for iPod touch users!

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  1. just a note you guys put july 21st and the picture says june…don’t want people to get confused like i did for a second haha

  2. Haha good eye

  3. Darnit….I still have the 2G….but will be pre-ordering my 4

  4. I wanna know 11n mode will be available for iPhone 3Gs. I got Wifi chipset in iPhone 3Gs includes 11n support.

  5. Waiting for this sweet update. Let’s go!

  6. okay fontswap wont work for ios4 huh???