iPhone 4 Firmware Updated to 4.0.1, Doesn’t Fix Antenna Issue [video]

AppleApple has released the firmware promised to fix the signal bar issues with the new iPhone 4. To make this clear, the problem, for me, seems to be a hardware issue. When I hold the iPhone in any way that covers the gap between the two antennas, I lose signal strength. I’ve demoed this in the video below. Now, does the firmware fix the problem? Let’s find out! I’ve also recorded what happens when holding the iPhone in the same way on the new firmware, 4.0.1.

Screen shot 2010-07-15 at 1.49.09 PM
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How Many Apps Do You Use a Day?

App StoreA friend of mine on Facebook, also running iOS 4, decided he was going to clear off all his apps in his background dock and then, after 24 hours, check what apps he used and how many. I decided I’d try too and see what I got. I ended up with 27 apps and here they are: Photos, Pixelpipe, Facebook, Messages, Maps, Settings, Twitter, Boxcar, IMDb, Phone, Safari, Mail, foursquare, Gowalla, Clock, Camera, YouTube, App Store, Bible, Prowl, Zillow.com, iMovie, Slowmo, PCO, Simplenote, Wikipanion, iBooks.

Now here’s an idea… if you’d like, clear all your icons from your backgrounding dock and, after 24 hours, post a list of them in the comments. It’s a great way to find new apps and see what everyone is using.
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Easy Jailbreak Coming Soon For iPhone 4 & All Devices

Dev TeamThe dev team has been tweeting lots of good news lately. What does all of this mean? It pretty much means the jailbreak is figured out and now they are making a simple little program for all of us to run to get it done. Once it’s out we’ll let you know. I still plan on jailbreaking my iPhone 4. Mostly to get rid of the pop ups from text messages. And I love the weather in my status bar.

@MuscleNerd has posted the following tweets:

@xfsasx jailbreak for all devices at 4.0 is already handled by upcoming @comex release :) so, good time for iphone4 unlock stuff

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iOS 4 is Available, List of Features

AppleiOS 4 is now available in iTunes. You must upgrade iTunes to 9.2 to sync with iOS 4.

This update is for the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS & newer iPod touches (not 1st Gen). Some older devices will not get all updates such as backgrounding. See details below.

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Firmware 4.0 (iOS 4) – The Basics – When, What, How Much?

iOS 4 We have known about the new features of the iPhone 4.0 firmware since Apple’s OS 4.0 event in April. Jobs reminded us of a few of those features during today’s WWDC Keynote however, below are basics on when the firmware will be available, how much it will cost and who it will be available for.
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