How Many Apps Do You Use a Day?

App StoreA friend of mine on Facebook, also running iOS 4, decided he was going to clear off all his apps in his background dock and then, after 24 hours, check what apps he used and how many. I decided I’d try too and see what I got. I ended up with 27 apps and here they are: Photos, Pixelpipe, Facebook, Messages, Maps, Settings, Twitter, Boxcar, IMDb, Phone, Safari, Mail, foursquare, Gowalla, Clock, Camera, YouTube, App Store, Bible, Prowl,, iMovie, Slowmo, PCO, Simplenote, Wikipanion, iBooks.

Now here’s an idea… if you’d like, clear all your icons from your backgrounding dock and, after 24 hours, post a list of them in the comments. It’s a great way to find new apps and see what everyone is using.

If you’re not sure what I mean by clearing your backgrounding apps, here’s how. First, you must have upgraded to the the firmware iOS 4. Then, double click the home button and you will get a hidden dock with icons. These are the apps you’ve recently used and if you scroll to the right there are even more. If you hold your finger on one they will start to wiggle. Now tapping the minus key removes them. This doesn’t uninstall them, just removes them from backgrounding if they are capable. Now after removing them all, come back in 24 hours and let us know what has been opened!



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  1. twitter, clock, calendar, camera, youtube, contacts, qik video pro, photos, maps, notes, app store, mail, safari, ipod, sky+, tvcatchup,, y.messenger, hotmail messenger, ibooks, stanza, met office, sketchbook mobile, pokerist, street fighter lv, call of duty zombies, the hero, zombie wonderland, nfs shift, openfeint, warblade

  2. Stephaughn Alston says

    camera, photos, youtube (the new redesigned web app), calender, maps, weather, notes, touchmouse, trapster, ibooks, pageonce, twitter, pulse news reader, hulu plus, gun range, fall down!, pandora, level 26, aim, & fringe.

  3. mail….

  4. Safari, Settings, Facebook, Twitter, Mail, WordPress, Phone, Contacts, Clock, God Finger, App Store, Air Mouse, Maps, Google, Tweet Deck, Mr. Space, You Tube, Words With Friends, TripleM Footy Lite (AFL), 2010 (World Cup)
    20 apps
    Safari includes about 5 webclips

  5. Great idea. Here are the Apps used on my iPhone in last 24 hours:
    iPod, mobi TV (for world cup football match), App Store, Mint, Bloomberg, Boxcar, Twitter, Birdbrain, Messages, Beejive IM, Facebook, Mail, Safari, Maps, Phone, Digg, Regator, Mashable, YouTube, Camera, Photos, Incredibooth, Calculator, Calendar, Things & Tripit

  6. NotifyMe 2, Facebook, Icebird, Safari, Mail,n Reeder, Camera, Messages, Phone, BeejiveIM, AppStore, Twitteriffic, Settings, Clock, Instapaper, Rugby LIVE, Photos, qStatus, Guitar Hero, Angry Birds, Calculator

  7. I got 20 – Safari, App Store, Twitter, Facebook, Camera, Phone, YouTube, Mail, One dot enemies, eBay, Osfoora, Teewee, Worms, Settings, Photos, Find iPhone, Fring, iPod, GodFinger, Boxcar

  8. AJ Richardson says

    I used 29 apps in one day on my iPhone 4

  9. It is not necessary to close your apps in the multitask area. iOS 4 handles this.

  10. 24 hours later I had 21 apps in the dock. Check out my site for my full story on the apps.

  11. Adam Steinberg says

    i used 44 apps on my iphone 4 in one day……wow i’m a geek….

  12. Mustard Cupcake says

    This site sucks now.

  13. When I upgraded to iso 4 I didn’t know about the hidden recents. My phone starting lagging really bad and the battery was dying really fast. I went to the Apple store and the girl cleared off over 70 apps from my recents.
    It does affect your speed and battery. I clear them off as soon as I use them now. It’s a hassle but it fixed my problem. Btw I’m on a 3GS 16gig

  14. if i use 2, it´s great! most of time i dont use any :)

  15. Phone, Contacts, Messages, Safari, Settings, Twitter, Mail, Clock, App Store, Green Shine, You Tube, Facebook,

  16. Phone, Contacts, Facebook, Messages, Safari, Twitter, Mail, Clock, Viewfinder Pro, You Tube

  17. phone, app store, words free, chess, message, calendar, say cheeze, facebook, mail, maps, contacts, camera, ipod, safari, clock, settings

  18. All the above. Plus I like to use Word a Day, Epic Win and Fact File which is simple but cool.


  1. Apps in 24 hours…

    昨晚等看世盃季軍戰時讀到 …