Easy Jailbreak Coming Soon For iPhone 4 & All Devices

Dev TeamThe dev team has been tweeting lots of good news lately. What does all of this mean? It pretty much means the jailbreak is figured out and now they are making a simple little program for all of us to run to get it done. Once it’s out we’ll let you know. I still plan on jailbreaking my iPhone 4. Mostly to get rid of the pop ups from text messages. And I love the weather in my status bar.

@MuscleNerd has posted the following tweets:

@xfsasx jailbreak for all devices at 4.0 is already handled by upcoming @comex release :) so, good time for iphone4 unlock stuff

Good progress on iPhone4 unlock with @planetbeing: http://is.gd/dh2WE <-injected cmd! (Akin to http://is.gd/dh2Ze on 3G)

@CrAzYe07 the next jailbreak from @comex is like first Spirit..all devices, all bootroms, latest FW, painless install

Will you jailbreak your iPhone 4?

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What features will you use by jailbreaking your iPhone 4? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. EMTsimpaon says

    I need my RealQuickReply & MiFi!!!

  2. Well about the whole weather in your status bar thing, WeatherIcon currently doesn’t work on iOS4. If you would bug its developer to fix it that would be great!

    • I’m actively working on WeatherIcon on iOS4. I have the icon working again (in beta) but the status bar is proving very difficult.

      Nice to see that Popup Blocker is Douglas’ other app of choice. ;-)

    • Wow thanks for the update David. Glad you’re working on it! Didn’t expect you to reply on this site! :)

    • @David – Blocking my popups and using status notifier in my status bar are my #1 reasons for jailbreaking. Apple really needs to do something about notifications. Are you planning anything for WeatherIcon for the iPad? I know there is no weather app but it doesn’t line up right in my status bar :( I love that app too!

    • Statusnotifier is also broken in iOS4 :( I’ve tried contacting its developer zcsizmadia, but he hasn’t released any updates in a LONG time and the settings app hasn’t worked since 3.0. Statusnotifier is one of my favorites too, especially useful in telling if a vibration is sms or email.

  3. I would use mywi and my3g. I also love installous.

  4. I plan on JBing my iPhone 4. But will wait till all bugs are out and the devs update for 4.0.

  5. I am with EMT. The quick reply SMS is a winner. Also I want the dev team to figure out a work around for FaceTime to work on 3G or fakeout the iP4 to “think” it’s on wifi! I also can’t live without swap camera roll. A must have.

  6. toNYc311 says

    Well let’s see. I tether a lot from my iPhone so that’s a must. And since I still have the unlimited plan on AT&T. I will definitely jb for that. Also I love 3G unrestrictor, LockInfo, weather in my statusbar, grip growl for notifications in the UPPER right hand corner of my screen instead of plastered in the middle obnoxiously. Though I’m worried grip growl won’t be updated for ios4. SBSettings is a no brainer

    • toNYc311 says

      Oops I hit publish by accident lol.

      Anyway. SBSettings is a no brained with easy access to extensions, browser changer is amazing because i barely use safari anymore. Instead I use atomic web browser. Backgrounder is useful though I’m not so sure how useful in ios4. Which leads me to circuitous. Again not sure how useful since ios4 now has that double click that opens the bottom bar for multitasking. Categories still seems useful but I wonder if there’s a way to simply increase the number of apps in apples Folders from 12 to how ever many you want?

      The list goes on and on actually. I can really go on for a while. Jailbreaking is a MUST until apple gets with the program more than they already have. Oh yes WINTERBOARD! because I am sick of apples boring shell. It’s just BORING! I mean really why can’t apple allow us to simply change the theme? Can’t be THAT hard.

      Jailbreaking forever!! ;)

    • How much data do you use when you tether? i have been meaning to use it but not sure if ATT will get on my case,even though i have unlimited data plan.

      I know they texted me when i was using the iphone and i was on a older phone plan w/ unlimited status

    • toNYc311 says

      @Sal Maybe like 4-5gigs. Never a problem from AT&T. And it’s been quite a while!

    • I think the 5 gig mark is where they will flag your account and give you a warning. As long as you stay under 5 gig on an unlimited plan then you should be fine. Their unlimited really isn’t ‘unlimited’…

    • toNYc311 says

      @Chris I’ve actually gone well over 5gigs many times. But it’s variable. Maybe since I don’t go over that each month maybe they don’t flag my account. Who knows?

    • I go well over 5 gigs every month. I’ve never had any problem. I have unlimited data. AT&T has never said
      anything to me and I download a crazy amount and stream video.

  7. I miss my ireal SMS, lock Info, and SB Settings! :(

    • Ruoff Norbert says

      i am too it is really important and very smooth to work with this programms on the i Phone

  8. lockdown, i missed this app really bad.

    • toNYc311 says

      @Jbl826 YES I use lockdown as well as iprotect and madvlock. All for various reasons. Apple is rediculous only giving lockscreen as the password to access the phone. Where’s the extra security???

  9. Quick access to settings via SBSettings is a must. Can’t stand the lengthy click stream every time I want to change the brightness or en/disable Bluetooth or WiFi.

  10. nyansapo says

    Miss lockinfo, I am lost without it

  11. miss keyboard themes the most… they haven’t been working since 2.x days :( I know there’s that iAccess thingy, but it only has the 6 keyboards of its own…none of the other ones I used to have.

  12. Tornroot says

    So does anyone know if this will be a tethered jailbreak or untethered for the iPod touch 3rd gen/2nd gen?

  13. Branoski says

    SBSettings, Lockdown, Cyntac, Five column, FiveRows, Infinidock, MyWi,
    Recent/call log, delete 3G unrestrictor

    I really like the fact that these nice programs will be in my Iphone 4.
    Suck on that Steve!!

  14. SBSettings. MiWi. SBSettings. Maybe Call Me. Did I say SBSetting yet? Five Column, Five Row, Five Icon Dock.

  15. SBSettings, biteSMS, Weather Icon, Quick Board, Themes, themes and more themes, Five Icon Dock, SBRotator… all reasons I haven’t moved from 3.1.3 to 4.0 yet.

  16. I am anxiously waiting for the JB for my 3GS using iOS 4. While 4 gets much closer to having the necessities, it still leaves a few things out. I love SBSettings, Five Icon Dock, and of course MyWi for tethering!

  17. Is there any date for this release?……………………..

  18. ok so i got a question. i had a JB iphone 3G version 3.1.3. well 4.0 came out and i upgraded to see what it was like plus i figured the JB for that wouldnt be out to much longer. i got bored with 4.0 so i decided to downgrade to 3.1.3 again. the JB went good and everything works. i just have 2 problems…
    1) when i go to Cydia it says something like i have 4.0 shsh. whats that mean and is it a prob?

    2) i added the source installo.us (had it on 1st JB) but about half the things i get from there now dont work. they just go to the load screen for a second then close. it didnt do this before.

    im not very experienced when it comes to this so hopefully i dont sound stupid and this ends up being a easy fix or hopefully i didnt screw something up.
    thanks for your help

  19. I’m getting tired of waiting for this to release. . . . . . . . o(x_x)o