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CompareMe CompareMe is a shopping utility that allows you to compare prices between products. At a first glance you might think; “What a basic little app” but, after further review, you would realize that CompareMe has quite a few “hidden” features.

The most predominate feature of this application is the ability to input the amount, unit and price of two items in order to compare them and find out which one is the better buy. You are able to choose from a large selection of Units allowing you to compare basically any two items. Once the information has been added, you are quickly given a comparison detailing how much you would save (the discount %) and how much extra you would pay (the premium %) depending on which item you purchased.

I personally use this all the time when shopping. Just today, I used it to compare something that was on sale (in a larger quantity) to something that wasn’t on sale… that way I would know if the sale price was actually saving me any money.

Besides the obvious function of being able to quickly compare two items, there are also quite a few “hidden” features. You are able to switch the discount and premium options, convert prices, transfer package size and negotiate a price. These feature allow you to do a more in-depth comparison of products.

The thing I love about this app is that it is very fast and easy to use. This is important to me because I don’t want to be standing there forever trying to figure out which item is the better deal. I want to be able to figure it out quickly and move on to the next thing. This application is perfect for that!

Overall, CompareMe is a well designed, easy-to-use application… a handy tool that is perfect for any price conscious consumer. It is worth the $1.99 price tag, hands down (I saved more than that using it today!).

For more info and a demo video… check out their website.


Supported Units

• Numbers: pieces (#), dozen (dz), thousand (k)
• Mass: gram (g), milligram (mg), kilogram (kg), metric ton (t), ounce (oz), pound (lb), quarter (qr US), short hundredweight (cwt US), short ton (ston), quarter (qr GB), long hundredweight (cwt GB), long ton (lton), Pfund (Pfd DE)
• Volume: liter (l), milliliter (ml), centiliter (cl), deciliter (dl), hectoliter (hl), cubic meter (m³), cubic millimeter (mm³), cubic centimeter (cm³), cubic decimeter (dm³), cust. fluid ounze (fl oz), quart (qt US), liquid pint (pt US), dry pint (dry pt US), liquid gallon (gal US), dry gallon (dry gal US), bushel (bu US), petrol barrel (bbl US), Imperial quart (qt GB), Imperial pint (pt GB), Imperial gallon (gal GB), bushel (bu GB), cubic inch (cin), cubic foot (cft), cubic yard (cyd).
• Surface: square meter (m²), square millimeter (mm²), square centimeter (cm²), square decimeter (dm²), square kilometer (km²), acre (ac US), acre (ac GB), square inch (sq in), square foot (sq ft), square yard (sq yd), are (a), hectare (ha).
• Length: meter (m), millimeter (mm), centimeter (cm), decimeter (dm), kilometer (km), foot (ft), inch


App Store Description

CompareMe is the perfect companion for price conscious shopping, price negotiations, bargaining, checking the cheapest and much more.

This utility application compares and converts prices of products with many different package sizes, volumes, and lengths. Discounts and premiums are calculated and displayed directly or can be set by the user.

You can set prices, amounts or discounts really fast with the optimized number keyboard. Selecting the right unit with the unit-picker is simple, too. Converting prices and transferring package sizes by drag-and-drop turns CompareMe into a powerful but a more than easy to use mobile app.
Check out the video walkthrough of CompareMe at the codedifferent website.

– Everyone who’s doing price conscious shopping when going to the grocery store, supermarket or at a DIY store. No matter whether you are searching for the bargain of the century buy to save money and buy cheap stuff or you get the best quality for the best price – CompareMe is your shopping assistant.
– Everyone who’s haggling when buying investment goods like cars, TV, fridge – it’s easy to check sale prices and set the preferred discounts as a basis for the price negotiations.
– It’s also a useful business tool for purchasing agents, too.

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