Price Cut App Store Applications

Available In: App Store       Price: Free – $1.99  

App Store I got an email from a viewer letting me know that a few apps where on sale right now. They are actually pretty good deals so, I thought I would pass them along. As of right now you can get the following apps for the prices listed below.

Aqua ForestFree (normally $7.99)
Click here to download Aqua Forest via the App Store

Space Monkey – Free (normally $1.99)
Click here to download Space Monkey via the App Store

Enigmo$1.99 (normally $4.99)
Click here to download Enigmo via the App Store

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  1. is a great way to find out what apps are on sale.

  2. check out for the other great apps on sale. they have a feed too.

  3. people want them to review their app for free..


  4. There’s also another one ‘Tranquility’ on App Store. I hope you’ll do a review on that one. Relaxing, calm, serene – I call that my antidote after a mad day of rush at work. Even our kids enjoy it. Only drawback is that after a listen, they want to experience the real thing :)

  5. does the same as appshopper, in a more user friendly way IMO

  6. There are also two more. NeoSameGame and Catch The Egg are free as part of Hudsons Tokoyo thing.

  7. YAY!!!! I’ve been wanting AquaForest for SO long!!! Free is awesome!! Sorry, just had to get that all out. Thanks guys for the tips…

  8. “Catch The Egg” LOL!!! :-D This is quite a different game. Right now, it is also FREE in the App Store. I don’t know if I like it or not, all I know is I’ve broken about a dozen eggs so far!
    Have a great Thursday everyone! :-)

  9. you can easily type SALE on the search bar within your iphone appstore and it’ll show all apps on sale ;)

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