Battery Color Themes

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterboardThis is a nice collection of different colored batteries for your lockscreen when charging. Most are pretty nice and the white is my favorite. It would probably look pretty nice on a white iPhone. The only downfall is the colors are listed in Spanish. So, you’ll either need to learn Spanish, change the names like I did with iFile, or check out the labeled screenshots below to pick your color.


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  1. Yeah… That would be portuguese, not spanish.

  2. Do you forgot to insert the name of the battery collection or i can’t found this?

  3. Does anyone know how to change the color of the battery in the status bar ?

    • yes :)) all you have to do is go to cydia and download “battery theme” and go into winterboard and choose the color u want and respring your ipod or iphone and thats all :)

  4. Thanks for this info,pretty neat.

    I figure its Latin,regardless what language it is,we can just pick and choose…No big deal.

    thanks again.

  5. I cant find anyting like this under battery colours theme in BigBoss

  6. Lord of Miojo says

    You forgot the name of the author:

    Joao Colombo(j9)

  7. I’m trying to make this work on iOs5, but the battery comes up small. And its not centered, its aligned to the left. Any way to fix this??

  8. mine shows up as a smaller battery and up toward the left hand corner. help??

  9. I activated it but it didn’t work. How?? Pls help.

  10. Dani3ll3S00777 says

    I activated te white one, but nothing happened!! Please help!

  11. I activated the white one but it didn’t work how do i make it work?

  12. Does your iPod have to be jail broken cause mines not working I can’t find Cydia anywhere Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz help

  13. “Battery theme” works and changes the battery color on the status bar, but it only works in winterboard. You have to download winterboard first from cydia :)