Battery Color Themes

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterboardThis is a nice collection of different colored batteries for your lockscreen when charging. Most are pretty nice and the white is my favorite. It would probably look pretty nice on a white iPhone. The only downfall is the colors are listed in Spanish. So, you’ll either need to learn Spanish, change the names like I did with iFile, or check out the labeled screenshots below to pick your color.


Colorware – Custom Paint Your iPhone

ColorwareColorware is a company that will permanently color your iPhone. You can choose from many colors including metallic. Unfortunately this process will most likely void your warranty because the device is taken apart during the process so they include a 30 day parts and 1 year labor warranty covering the coloring and hardware. They also do corporate branding so you can add your company logo or whatever you want to the back of your iPhone. Also, don’t worry about scratching the paint, their patented X2 coating keeps your iPhone scratch resistant. Not only is the back able to be colored but also the metal frame, home button, earbuds, and dock. There’s no word yet when this will be available for the iPhone 3G. Here’s the breakdown for pricing: [Read more…]

LightsOn 1.4_2

LightsOn LightsOn has been added to the iSpazio source. There are no changes to the application…just a new source. You can get AppleiPhoneSchool’s full review of LightsOn HERE.

LightsOn 1.4_2