Cydgets – Time, Weather, Flashlight… [Updated]

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##ICON_NAME## Last week I wrote about Cydget, a “framework for managing lock screen plugins.” Over the week-end there were a few Cydgets (like Widgets for Cydget) released that are pretty decent.

The first is HTC Hero Cydget. This Cydget includes the current Time, Temperature and Weather Conditions. Once you have installed the Cydget, you will need to go into the stock Settings application under Cydget and activate it. I did find that this particular Cydget does not display immediately on the lock screen, there is a slight delay. (strike)Though, it does know your current time and weather info without having to edit a .plist which is nice. (/strike) [Read more…]

MyLite 1.0 & Update Preview

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MyLiteMyLite is no ordinary flash light. Developed by DoApp, it opens to a while light for use as a simple light, but double tapping opens settings that expand the app. The top slider bar gives you the choice to change the color and the bottom bar changes the shade of that color which in turn effects it’s brightness.

Tapping the “Show Effects” option brings up even more settings. This allows you to change from the “Normal” mode (steady on) to either a “Strobe” setting that flashes the light on and off, or “Trippin'” mode that scans through different colors. On the right you’ll see a scroll wheel of 10ths of a second. This selects the speed of the flashing in “Strobe” mode and the speed of change in color in “Trippin'” mode. [Read more…]

Light, Moo, To Do – Erica Sadun Applications in the the App Store

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Doug is starting to do video reviews of App Store applications so, I was trying to find a few applications that I could review that didn’t necessarily need a video. So, I decided to go with a few familiar apps..all of which are free (which is nice!). Most people in the jailbreak community are familiar with the name Erica Sadun…she has developed quite a few applications for the jailbroken iPhone. It seems Light, Moo and To Do have made their way from Installer to the App Store. Below are quick descriptions of each application.

Light is a simple application that turns your iPhone into a flashlight. Once the application is installed, all you need to do is tap the icon on your SpringBoard and voilà, you have an instant flashlight. This really does work…I used it all the time on my jailbroken iPhone. They only problem with Light is that you cannot adjust the brightness. So, if you are trying to check on a sleeping baby…it can sometimes be too bright! A flashlight application is a must have for any iPhone or iPod Touch! (Doug just used this app to plug in a mic to the back of his computer! Ha!).
Light Light Light
[Read more…]

LightsOn 1.4_2

LightsOn LightsOn has been added to the iSpazio source. There are no changes to the application…just a new source. You can get AppleiPhoneSchool’s full review of LightsOn HERE.

LightsOn 1.4_2