Cydgets – Time, Weather, Flashlight… [Updated]

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

##ICON_NAME## Last week I wrote about Cydget, a “framework for managing lock screen plugins.” Over the week-end there were a few Cydgets (like Widgets for Cydget) released that are pretty decent.

The first is HTC Hero Cydget. This Cydget includes the current Time, Temperature and Weather Conditions. Once you have installed the Cydget, you will need to go into the stock Settings application under Cydget and activate it. I did find that this particular Cydget does not display immediately on the lock screen, there is a slight delay. (strike)Though, it does know your current time and weather info without having to edit a .plist which is nice. (/strike) [Read more…]