LightsOn 1.4_2

LightsOn LightsOn has been added to the iSpazio source. There are no changes to the application…just a new source. You can get AppleiPhoneSchool’s full review of LightsOn HERE.

LightsOn 1.4_2

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  1. ispazio is just an app thief, but thief can also squeeze into community source, sigh

  2. erm i forgive you, because you dont know what you say!

    Btw the app was already in my source.. Is not a new app. And it was the developer to ask me to put it in my repo :) we cannot take apps without having the permission. Everything we host is according to the dev. We only have fixed a bug during the installation progress. This is why we updated it.

  3. cant open the app…only show me a black screen.
    Cant reinstall or uninstall.
    Help me!!