MyLite 1.0 & Update Preview

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

MyLiteMyLite is no ordinary flash light. Developed by DoApp, it opens to a while light for use as a simple light, but double tapping opens settings that expand the app. The top slider bar gives you the choice to change the color and the bottom bar changes the shade of that color which in turn effects it’s brightness.

Tapping the “Show Effects” option brings up even more settings. This allows you to change from the “Normal” mode (steady on) to either a “Strobe” setting that flashes the light on and off, or “Trippin'” mode that scans through different colors. On the right you’ll see a scroll wheel of 10ths of a second. This selects the speed of the flashing in “Strobe” mode and the speed of change in color in “Trippin'” mode. [Read more…]