MyLite 1.0 & Update Preview

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

MyLiteMyLite is no ordinary flash light. Developed by DoApp, it opens to a while light for use as a simple light, but double tapping opens settings that expand the app. The top slider bar gives you the choice to change the color and the bottom bar changes the shade of that color which in turn effects it’s brightness.

Tapping the “Show Effects” option brings up even more settings. This allows you to change from the “Normal” mode (steady on) to either a “Strobe” setting that flashes the light on and off, or “Trippin'” mode that scans through different colors. On the right you’ll see a scroll wheel of 10ths of a second. This selects the speed of the flashing in “Strobe” mode and the speed of change in color in “Trippin'” mode.

There are more features coming soon out today including automatically saving your current settings on exit. Here’s a video preview that shows even another upcoming new feature:

Watch “MyLite Preview” from your iPhone or iPod Touch

Click here to download MyLite via the App Store.

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  1. Are all these flashlight apps necessary?

  2. SpekN9ne says

    Concert setting is kinda cool

  3. Justin Case says

    Enough flashlight apps already! Geez, there’s like 30 of them in the App store already, and they’re all about the same. Do we really need anymore?? That and tip calculators! I say ENOUGH!!

  4. I’ve very surprised at the negative response. If there were only one Flashlight app people would be requesting for more features. I say the more choice the better. And when the app is free, how can you complain?

    • i agree Doug. seems like you cant satisfy people these days. Either there isn’t enough of something or there is too much. I think people just want more useful apps that are FREE instead of not so useful ones like all the light apps. Installer and Cydia spoiled us from the beginning so now we have high expectations of apps.

  5. I just love this app.. dont know why

  6. big boss’s flashlight is cool because it goes to the brightest setting when opened and then resets when closed. Something app flashlight cannot because of apple sdk rules.

  7. Wow, are all these flashlight apps really necessary? I can’t believe a lot of companies keep releasing flashlight apps. I guess they’re so popular and it’s a basic application that developers want to create to get others to know their company.

  8. here’s my answer to those asking “are all these flashlight apps necessary?”….

    no, only the one that has the best, coolest features — and the myLite app, reviewed here, has obviously been voted the best one by consumers

    I’ve been watching — it rose into the top-15 free apps OVERALL in the store, and is the only flashlight app there….and it’s been in the top-15 for more than 10 days now…so, this one is different

    I’d say game over!


  9. Jonesyxxiv says

    To bad this app can’t increase the brightness like the flash light app that was just removed from the app store.

  10. DJContagious says

    the new update 1.1 was recently released (im talkin in a matter of MINUTES ago) its really nice!!!

    it has more preset modes, instead of normal, strobe, & trippin, now theres:

    Rock Concert (AKA The Lighter)
    Police Car
    Fire Truck
    Caution Flare
    & Traffic Light

    pretty big update!

  11. the app that was removed from the App Store (for increasing the brightness to max) violated Apple’s developer rules…simple way for an individual user to get max brightness is just to go to the iPhone’s main home screen, then hit Settings > Brightness, and move the slider all the way to the right….just realize that this will use more battery

  12. new feature for mylight in v1.4…

    with color motion the colors change when you move your device around and there’s a new title page but other than that there’s no change…

    i still think it would be cool of the direction of the flame in rock concert would change as you move the device like a real lighter.