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Doug is starting to do video reviews of App Store applications so, I was trying to find a few applications that I could review that didn’t necessarily need a video. So, I decided to go with a few familiar apps..all of which are free (which is nice!). Most people in the jailbreak community are familiar with the name Erica Sadun…she has developed quite a few applications for the jailbroken iPhone. It seems Light, Moo and To Do have made their way from Installer to the App Store. Below are quick descriptions of each application.

Light is a simple application that turns your iPhone into a flashlight. Once the application is installed, all you need to do is tap the icon on your SpringBoard and voilĂ , you have an instant flashlight. This really does work…I used it all the time on my jailbroken iPhone. They only problem with Light is that you cannot adjust the brightness. So, if you are trying to check on a sleeping baby…it can sometimes be too bright! A flashlight application is a must have for any iPhone or iPod Touch! (Doug just used this app to plug in a mic to the back of his computer! Ha!).
Light Light Light
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ToDo Update 0.03

ToDo The update to ToDo version 0.03, according to Erica (the developer), makes the app international. Other than that…there are no visual changes to the app. The update is available in the through the Ste Packaging source. Here is the screenshot:

ToDo Update 0.03

New App – ToDo

ToDo ToDo is available through the in the Ste Packaging Source. The app opens to a blank page…to add a task just tap Edit in the top right corner. You can then select New in the top left corner. This will automatically bring up a task titled ttd…to change it just tap on it…you can then erase ttd and type in the title of your task. Once you have the title of your task entered you can tap Update to add it to your todo list. If you do not want to add it to your todo list just tap Cancel. If you are done editing and would like to get back to the main list tap Done in the top right corner. While in the main list view…you can tap on a task and choose to send yourself an email reminder. This will bring up a blank email with the title of your task as the subject…you can add additional information in the body of the email or send it with just the subject. To delete a task, go back into Edit and then tap on the red button to the left of the task…a delete button will appear to the right of the task…just select delete and your task will be deleted. This is a simple little app that can be very useful. I would love to see the ability to create categories and the ability to check things off without deleting them! Other than that…a good app. Below are some screenshots:

There is another good todo list app, MobileToDoList, available in the under productivity and through the Ste Packaging source.

ToDo ToDo ToDo
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