iHandy:) – Adds Additional Settings Options

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

iHandy:) iHandy:) is an application that gives you a few more settings options. Once installed, you can get to iHandy via the stock Settings application. Here you are able to turn on/off the Battery Percentage, Hide Battery Elements, Hide Low Power Alerts and the Reflective Dock. You are also able to choose your Home Button double-tap. You can change the double-tap to any of the stock applications as well as Nike + iPod, Phone Favorites and Search.

All of the options are nicely explained so that you know exactly what each one does. The only option that doesn’t have an explanation is the Respring option. If you turn the Respring option On, it will instantly respring your device.

All the options worked quickly and nicely. The only feature that I would say doesn’t work fully is the Hide Battery Elements. The description says that is hides all battery elements when the device is plugged in however, I found that it only hides the lock screen battery. I thought it was going to hide the status bar battery as well but it did not.

Also, the Reflective Dock option will not overwrite your WinterBoard theme. If you have a theme turned on in WinterBoard that has a specific dock (that is not reflective) and you turn on the Reflective Dock option in iHandy, it will not overwrite the WinterBoard theme and make the dock reflect.

You can get many of these option through different application but, if you are looking to have them all in one place… then this might be the app for you. iHandy;) is available via the modmyi source.


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  1. Cna’t find this in Cydia at all. I have the modmyi source installed, but I’m not seeing anything. Anyone know why this might be?


  2. I am looking for this as well! Can someone lend a hand?