New Power Slider Battery From Incase

powerSomeone recently sent us a link to this sweet new alternative to external batteries for the iPhone. Here is a link to some previous articles and reviews we’ve done on external batteries. This case is pretty sweet ’cause it lets you charge and sync the iPhone, not just charge. We’ll do what we can to get a hold of one from Incase.

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  1. sweeet!! looks expensive though….

  2. steveLEEpete says

    i have this case…$99 but definately the nicest battery/case combination. when im busy around the house or out and about i dont have to rely on the car charger or always finding an outlet. great buy…

  3. I got one of these cases for Christmas, and I’m glad too, because as much as I’m willing to try new cases for my iPhone, I was a bit hesitant about the 99.99 price. I mean, if you drop THIS case, you’re out some substantial cash, not to mention the possible damage to the phone itself! The first one I got didn’t work properly. When the cases battery started to drain and was trying to switch over to my iPhone’s battery, I would get the battery connection sound that you hear when you hook up your iPhone for charging constantly. Back and forth it would make that sound as if the case was confused as to whether or not it was supposed to keep on charging my iPhone, and on top of that , I couldn’t slide to unlock or slide to answer phone calls. I tried the case two more times, and got the same results. Although it did more than double my battery life each session no doubt! Ballin!!!! Anyway, I returned it for a new one at Best Buy and have had no problems since, works like a charm! I recommend it for sure, as long as you don’t mind the added thickness. It’s a small price to pay when you need the extra battery life in my opinion. Plus, it’s a great looking case that feels awesome in your hand! And those neon blue battery level lights on the back above the button- slick as snot. Good day iphoners!! :p

  4. Its kinda the same as a Mophie juice pack, but the cool part about it that the mophie dont have is the sync. The protection dont impress me that much cus it just adds another piece to it that can be misplaced.

    • The mophie syncs great. I use it all the time. mophie has a new case coming out also:
      which also has sync-thru.

    • First of all, who says the Mophie “don’t have sync”? The Mophie syncs. And, it syncs without a special adjustment of the device, which the Power Slider requires for every sync. Second of all, how could anyone possibly misplace the other piece? It’s with the phone. You use it with the bottom piece. It’s big. How will you misplace it? Anything to find fault with what we don’t know.

      It’s an excellent accessory. I thought the Mophie was the best I’d ever seen for the iPhone. This one is better, because it covers the whole device and unlike the Mophie, it comes with complete instructions. Mophie has a help email address that gets bounced back when you use it. So, for the moment, I’m done with Mophie.

      The new Mophie case is virtually identical to this one, by the way. They have some very deceiving photos that make it look ultra thin, but it isn’t. It’s the same as the Power Slider.

    • Well thats true, but the mophie juice pack gets the job done… I seriously didnt know it could sync lol.

    • Just curious rje, how do you know the photos of the mophie air are deceiving? It’s not even available yet.

    • If you look at the side view shot of the white, Mophie Air next to an iPhone, it has the identical shape and dimensions as the Power Slider.

    • I’m a bit off. Actually, the Mophie Air is 2.8 millimeters thinner. That’s 0.1 inch. I just got that from a contact at Mophie.

      So they are virtually identical, except the Mophie has an on/off switch for charging, so you can use it as a non-charging case.

  5. I love this case! I got it and used it on the plane and it lasted the entire flight!! (4-5 hours watching movies)!!

  6. I have this unit and while it charges great it does not sync at all – I have tried numerous times and nothing – I will have it replaced but I also understand it may be a computer issue – really dont know.

    At the end of the day the sync I ccould care less about – its the charge I need on long travel days.

    • Read the instructions. There are particular steps you have to take with the Power Slider before syncing can be done.

  7. I found this item on ebay for $89.00 with free shipping.
    the seller is ummhaatim, he has a 100% rating.

  8. I don’t have this battery pack, but I will tell you that InCase is a great company. When I got my 3G on Release Day, I tried out a few covers that were on the market. InCase was only available at Apple stores at the time. Once I got my hands on their Protective Cover, my search was over!

    I’ve since worn out two of those covers, and just got a different one in the mail today. All covered under their ONE YEAR WARRANTY! I didn’t have to ship back my bad cover(they told me to keep it), and they sent the replacement promptly.

    They carry all the covers you’d need for your Apple products, bags, guitar bags, everything.

    They are based in Cali, and have been nothing but incredible to work with. When you call, someone actually answers the phone!

    Check them out –

    p.s. No, I don’t work for them, just really like their stuff!

  9. I was THE first person to buy this case from my Apple Store. It wasn’t even on the shelf yet and they had to go find it from back room. I really wanted to like this case for the extended battery potential, but there were too many little things that added up and resulted in me taking it back the very next night. You cannot use this case if you already have an InvisiShield on your phone, the fit it too tight and will make the Shield bunch up inside of the case as you slide it on. Also, I could not get iTunes to sync to my iPhone while it was in the case (as noted by Big Al above), and I really didn’t like how much thicker it made my phone, it felt like I was holding a brick.

  10. I agree, joshWUa…The Mophie Juice Pack is essentially the same idea, and I actually think it’s better because it is one uniform piece that does not obstruct the top button (not sure if Incase makes it accessible).

    I might be missing something, but I really don’t see an advantage to being able to sync it in the charger…it’s going to charge if it’s connected to your computer either way.

    This is definitely still a great alternative to the external chargers, but I personally prefer the Mophie…I happen to also really like the green accents on it :)

    • The top button is not at all obstructed. Where did you get that from? No button is obstructed. Again, we get unfounded assertions here. I have both. The Mophie is a lesser piece of work. It’s bulkier, and less attractive on the phone. The Power Slider blows it away. If you want, you can use it without the top piece, making it ultra slim, and 90% of the phone is covered. You stop missing the green accents within about 15 seconds. There is just more to this product, which the Apple Store carries.

  11. Hey do they have one for the 1st gen iPhone?

  12. This case is absolutely amazing (provided you don’t mind a fatter iPhone to carry around). The fact that my phone is at 100% battery at 5PM every evening after being on top brightness all day with wifi on and everything pushing from every account is amazing!

  13. I purchased the case as well. My girlfriend and I both use it and it’s great. I can get way more than a day of heavy use out of my phone without a charge. I now have a use for all those old motorola razr and blackberry chargers as well.


    All these comments and not one person telling us this charger has been discontinued for months!

    Great support guys….(thumbs down)

  15. Is Good realy?