Vibration Battery – 3D Lock Screen Battery

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Vibration Battery vibrationbatterymod2 Vibration Battery is a lock screen battery mod…the battery that is displayed with your device is plugged into a computer. The mod is a cool 3D style “battery.” It contains 17 frames that change as the amount of battery life changes. You can check out the Download page on ModMyi HERE. You can get Vibration Battery via the modmyi source in Cydia. The mod is enabled/disabled in WinterBoard


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  1. does this work with the 3gs?

  2. it crashed and took me to safemode in my white 3gs. so i have to uninstall it. i think now they have to tell us which phone they r using these themes while they write about it as i know dough uses 3gs and brooke 3g as far as i remember from previous articles.

  3. kalahari says

    I just cannot get this to work with my 3G. I have tried disabling all other Winterboard options and respringing but it still does not kick in.
    I have re-downloaded Vibration Battery and resprung after doing that too.
    Any ideas? Thanks

  4. Yep it works on the 3GS just tried it now…WOooooohooo love it

  5. this theme work with ios 4
    maybe i don’t know xd