Mophie Juice Pack External Battery

PowerThis is my favorite iPhone accessory ever. The Mophie Juice Pack is super light, stylish, and works very well. Check out our video review and let us know in the comments if you have any questions.

Watch Mophie Juice Pack from your iPhone or iPod Touch
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  1. looks nice :D

  2. this one looks way better than the previous one you posted about. Much less bulk. :)

  3. Doug absolutely loves this external battery! It doesn’t feel bulky and the battery lasts a REALLY long time! He also really likes the material it is made out of. Definitely worth the $99.99.

    • Agreed. The material is a matte, almost rubbery/silicone feel, but it doesn’t attract lint like silicone, so it works well to just throw it in your pocket. Add anti-glare screen protector and you don’t need a case anymore.

  4. The Juice Pack does come with a mini USB cable and is able to synch with iTunes through the Juice Pack (it’s Apple Certified for use with the iPhone), which means you never have to take it off unless you use other iPhone specific accessories.

    I pre-ordered it and received mine around a month ago. It doesn’t add much bulk and fits nicely. It is around the thickness of my Windows Mobile work phone (HTC Titan) and can go for 2 days with my normal use…

    I found that I still prefer the iPhone in its slim form factor alone, so what I have been doing for the past 2 weeks, is using the Juice Pack as a portable charger. I keep the Mophie in my car and just use the iPhone 3G on it’s own. When I’m in the car, I throw it in the Juice Pack or bring it with me if I know I’m going to need more battery life than the 3G on it’s own. I can go 3+ days this way, so weekends at the Girlfriends house got easier as I didn’t have to bring my charger and undo my charge setup I have at home.

    I can use the car charger from my Moto BT headset to charge the juicepack in the car, so travelling is also easier.

  5. Already a chinese rip off for 17.53$
    This one does have a ipod connector on the bottom.


    How come this site looks identical to


    Will this work for the iPhone 2G ??

  7. Carlsberg_eleph says

    If you use juice pack with ipod touch can you still plug in earphones?

  8. Carlsberg_eleph says

    Annother question, is there one juice pack or three one for the touch, one for iphone 2g and one for Iphone 3g? Or is there only one that works with the 3 devices

  9. love em .. how do i go about purchasing it??? works for 1st gen & 3G i suppose?


    There are different models for each device with considerations for peripherals etc.

  11. I been using this pack for a couble of week and it is great. It last for a very long time. The only downfall is the rubber material is starting to peel. I read another review and this is a complaint by other users. Other than that this pack ROCKS!!!


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