Apple USB Power Adapter Recall/Exchange Program

applecom I received an email saying that there was an exchange program for the USB power adapters that were sold with the iPhone 3G. I took a look at Apple’s website and it seems that the Ultracompact USB Power Adapters are being recalled. Apparently there have been reports of the metal prongs breaking off and remaining in the outlet…that sooo cannot be good!! If you bought an iPhone 3G in the following Countries, you qualify to receive a new USB Power Adapter.

* US
* Japan
* Canada
* Mexico
* Several Latin American countries (click here for a detailed list of countries)

You can exchange the adapters via the web or an Apple Store. But, be sure to stop using your currently USB adapter immediately…stick to car and computer charging!

Click HERE to get the full details and how to go about exchanging your USB Power Adapter.

Below are screenshots of what the power adapter looks like. If yours has a green dot on it (as shown in the second screenshot) you already have the “new” power adapter and do not need to exchange yours. If yours does not have a green dot, you will want to head over to Apple’s website to see if you need to exchange your adapter.

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  1. i love the uk we get a big fat charge the same as the old iphone

    • I liked the chargers that came with the 1st gen better!! I love that they folded!

    • Ginger, does the iPhones in the UK are already network unlocked from AT&T or the UK carrier has to request an unlocking code from Apple in order for yall to use the iphones in the UK?
      Please let me know, thanks.

  2. so it tells me to stop using the adapter.
    then it ways replacements are coming in oct. 10
    so if u dont have a computer nearby i cant charge my phone for a couple weeks?

  3. yeshuamyking7 says

    You’d think Apple would send out an e-mail to their customers about this, but instead I had to read it on AiPS. Oh, and I second edden’s comment about the Oct. 10 delay. I’m lucky that I have my computer to charge it, because I gave my dad my old iPhone and charger.

  4. thats a good point edden but im gonna take a chance f*** it

  5. Jim (Absinth Minded) says

    I’ll just use my first iPod charger

  6. they need the serial number for the iPhone 3G if I need to go to the Apple Stores for the exchange. I have 2 iphone 3G, but I don’t even have an iPhone contract with AT&T and Apple, I just using them with my AT&T sims after jailbreaking both phones.
    Any solutions for me to get the new USB power adapter? Anyone?
    Thanks a lot

  7. Thank you so much for this post!! LOL thats exactly what happened to my USB power adapter, I guess im gonna go change it……. Well anyways power adapter that came with the iphone 3g looks cheap :P

  8. Just don’t pull it side, ( what idiots who actually broke em)

  9. how stupidER and more pathetic can apple get with this iPhone 3G???

    first… a buggy a** firmware that took 3 months to fix and millions of frustrated users not being able to backup or use a single app of the famous app store, simply because they crash as soon as they load!

    now this… a “kill yourself and your child” cheap a** charger?

    I simply wonder, what’s next apple?

  10. Da187suspect says

    Does anyone have any idea what the new chargers look like?

  11. Haha, Funny thing is that I still use my firewire charger from my RIP ipod Mini to charge my phone! Love it!