Sleep to Lock – Go to Lock Screen via the Sleep Button

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Sleep to Lock Sleep to Lock is an application that changes your sleep button (that is the Power button on the top of your device) so that when it is tapped, instead of putting your iPhone or iPod Touch into Sleep mode, it brings it to the Lock Screen. This is a code application so, when you install it, there will not be an icon on your SpringBoard…it just automatically makes the change once installed. To remove the mod, you will need to uninstall it via Cydia.

I’m honestly not exactly sure what you would use this mod for. When you put your iPhone into sleep mode, by giving the power button a quick tap, when you bring it out of sleep mode…you are at the Lock Screen. I guess it just alleviates the black screen of sleep mode and brings you directly to the Lock Screen without using the Home Button. Let me know in the comments why you use this mod. You can get the Sleep to Lock mode via the BigBoss source.



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  1. This is like Insomnia. It takes you to the lock screen, but keeps the phone awake so wifi and anything else stays going. One more tap actually puts the phone to sleep.

  2. EMTsimpson says

    Kind of seems pointless… But it’s more than I can build at this point in time lol

  3. pdrake007 says

    I can kind of see the point in it, as I am using the calender lock screen mod, it would allow me to see the upcoming events quickly, but then again I can just double tap the lock button and the same screen appears :-s

  4. Stevey101 says

    Speaking of lock screen and sleep, i found out something. When I put my iPod Touch into sleep I accidently left it on the spotlight page. It was at 99% battery when I put it to sleep now it is at 10% in just 10 hours. This never happens unless I lock it with an app open. I guess this applies to the spotlight feature too. I think that you should think about writing a post on battery life. I have heard that lots of people are experiencing a very short battery life; more than usual. Some think that it is a bug put by Apple so that they can release another update to fix it, removing the jailbreaks again.

    • Stevey101 says

      I forgot to mention that most are finding a shorter battery when using redsn0w.

    • I second the diminished battery life. I used to be jailbroken prior to 3.0 on my 1st gen iPhone, now I’m not and the battery life is worse than ever. I thought it might be that I had push notifications turned on for AP app but I’ve turned it off and still have horrible battery life. Anybody know what’s up or experiencing the same thing?

  5. LOVELOVELOVE this tweak,
    BUT i noticed that if you have your phone set to auto lock for whatever, it will “lock” not sleep

  6. HirsuteJim says

    I too use the “Lock Calendar” app … which I LOVE!!!! And this app does make it much easier/faster to get to where I can see my schedule.

    I’m one of those types … it it is not right IN FRONT of me … it is easy for me to lose track. This is much more “In-My-Face” then requiring me to actually start my calendar to see what’s next.

  7. Well it’s not all that pointless, think with a broader edge, see I would use this Because of the convinence of theme integration, I have the weather elements theme from cydia. There is a lockscreen mode where it displays up to date weather info with an awesome interface, this mod here will let me see that on tap instead of the sleepy black screen first. :)

  8. I have just upgraded to 4.0.1 and jailbroke.
    I forgot the name of this one, and it took me some time to find it.
    a great app!
    Not pointless at all!
    I have lockscreen, and it is really nice that I can go to that screen by one click only.