– Wishlist of Fixes for the iPhone

Even thought I think that the iPhone is the best, I still have things I want fixed. Especially things that just should have always been there like video, MMS, every app in landscape, copy & paste, etc. Well now there is a list of all these “fixes” on a website called “Please Fix the iPhone“. There are both a desktop version and an iPhone version (auto adapts). It’s a huge list with almost 2,000 fixes being wished for. There’s also a list of “Already Fixed.” You can sort though them all sorts of ways and even search the list. Finally, and most importantly you can add your own item to the wish list. Here is a list of the top ten wishes at the time of writing this article.

1. Lack of MMS support. People laugh at my iPhone because its the only phone since 2002 that can’t send or receive picture messages. Why am I ashamed to have the most advanced mobile hardware in the world?
2. Ability to sync without any wires or bluetooth. Why is this USB cable needed for something we have bandwidth for through Wifi, 3G, etc.?
3. Copy and paste.
4. Allow to use the iPhone in landscape in several apps that would benefit from using the larger keyboard like SMS and mail. Also, in safari the phone should also turn to landscape when typing forms (during the act)
5. Ability to view Flash content in Safari.
6. MULTITASKING: Let at least one application run in background by holding down the home button for 5 seconds (10 seconds for killing the application). Flashing icon in statusbar will remember user about reduced battery lifetime.
7. Make the entire screen clickable when I take a picture. Not just the tiny button that is impossible to locate when you try to take a picture of you and your friends. Or maybe make the volume button the shutter button?
8. Video recording.
9. Unwanted standard iPhone application icons can’t be hidden. I’m never going to check stocks.
10. When working with multiple pages in Safari on iPhone, previously loaded pages are sometimes reloaded when you navigate back to them. A setting to increase Safari’s cache limits would be useful especially for ajax web apps, like google reader, that force you to start from the beginning when they are reloaded.


Available In: Safari       Price: Free  
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  1. good idea. hope Steve/Apple reads the requests as well… however, some of you might agree to mine:

    In speakerphone mode when I place the phone to my ears, it stays on speaker. Using the proximity sensor to turn off the screen, it could also be used to turn off speakerphone & turn back the earpiece. Put also a toggle in the settings to toggle this feature on/off. A Nokia 7650 had this feature to turn off the speakerphone mode automatically, years before the iPhone…

  2. Jailbreak for firmware 2.2. W00T

  3. “I’m never going to check stocks.”

    Ha! I was just thinking that this evening while organizing my icons. I’m tired of looking at that Stocks icon!

  4. this is a great idea. a few months ago someone started a petition to get apple to get rid of that silly autocorrect feature (that i now miss even though its only been a day since we have parted) and it worked! lets make this a legit petition so apple can listen. these arent outrageous demands..they are a is so innovative and it saddens me to know that we have to BEG for these things.

  5. #7: entire screen clickable when I take a picture. Make the volume button the shutter button?


    I suffer way too much when taking pic of myself and my girl, most of the time I’m afraid I’m going to drop it from holding it do weird! :(


  7. I wish people would look to see if 3rd party apps do what they require (e.g. full screen camera shutter button, record video, run an app in the background, etc.) before posting!

  8. Sorry – forgot to add 1) full screen camera shutter = iEasyCamera; 2) video recorder is Cycorder or Video Recorder (jailbroken phones); 3 = Backgrounder (jailbroken phones)