Google Reader

This is a web app that I use every day. It’s a nicely iPhone optimized website for Google Reader. Google Reader is one of the best RSS readers I’ve ever used. It’s web based but has a lot of features. You have access to all your feeds indivudually or all at once. You can also star items, share them, email them, add notes, etc. It’s very fast easy to navigate on the iPhone. Tapping the title expands the article with out refreshing the page.

You can also add feeds from the web app. You can just type in the website address and it will automatically find the RSS feed. Google also has prepackaged RSS feeds based on topic that you can add if you don’t have any in mind. To get the site, just go to from your iPhone and it will adapt automatically.


Available In: Safari       Price: Free  
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  1. I’ve been using this forever and love it but a recent change has made things more complicated. Reader automatically resizes images to fit the layout and if you want to see the full size of the image you can click in a link to make it bigger. I used to be able to scroll left and right to see the rest of the image, but now I’m stuck seeing only the left of the image. Whatever doesn’t fit on the screen is not visible unless you look at the small version.

    I read comic strips in Reader so the image is either too small to read or too big to fit showing me only the first panel.


  2. Me too, using it forever and love it.But I may like the iPhone version even better than the desktop version. The iPhone version’s short preview of each article – title with just a line or so of text – is just the right length. Tap to expand to the full article. Tap again to shorten back to the preview view. It’s near perfect.